Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Love? Life? What? by Robert Fowler

I stand charged of treason?
For what reason?
For fear of my own power.
I locked myself in the tower.
Turned my face away.
Sleeping day after day after day,
wanting only to stay locked in the safety
of my own decay.
Dead to the world.
Asleep in the hay.
Now I have awakened.
Nothing is forsaken.
The mission has become crystal clear.
Connect to the One - your Father and Mother.
In Sacred Union embody the Other.
Embrace the Journey.
The Quest is your Lover.
The full scope of emotions.
The World is your mirror.
Transform and transcend your doubt and your fear.
Set your course - Plunge into the Ocean.
Trust all of your senses, you'll know where to steer.
Wherever you find the darkness encroaching
open your heart,
free your mind and bring love's light to bear.
There is nowhere to hide.
Forgive those who have lied
and those who've claimed to care.
They too are scared and are caught in the trap of despair.
Your mission is this - to follow your bliss.
Open your heart and teach the art
of loving and living through fear of the dark.
The Heart is the Source of both bliss and remorse.
The key is to Allow
and make a solemn vow
To Hold Both and to be all that you See.