Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Your Infinite Heart Podcast!

Is here!  My husband and I have started a podcast where we will talk about spirituality and ascension and all kinds of interesting stuff.  Join us!  We plan on posting weekly shows and they will be able to be found in the right sidebar here and at my other blog  You can also subscribe directly via RSS feed at 
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Love and Light

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Nothing Is What It Seems...

Normally, I would watch this interview and rejoice that a priest was speaking these words, words that I have known to be truth for so long.

But, I cannot rejoice.

I can only speak this simple truth, the truth that was shown to me in a repetitive dream
"nothing is what it seems." 

So the primary thought that comes up for me is "beware of the wolf in sheeps clothing."  This is classic and we are going to be seeing more and more of it in the coming days.

Our government and the religions know that we (collectively) are on to them.  They hear the calls of the people in the streets and on the internet and they know that the jig is up.  More and more we will be hearing of these stories that speak the language of the new age, of spirituality rather than religion and of personal power versus sheep-dom.

But just because they start calling McDonalds McHealthy does not make it so.  It's still Mc-, he's still a priest and if the story came from tv (re-posts on youtube are the same) you need to take a huge reality check.

We all desire change.  We want a world where we feel supported, where all people are housed and fed and have their basic needs met, we want our freedom to do and be ourselves and we want safety.

Looking outside of ourselves for this feeds the beast that we are fighting.

They are counting on the reality that most people do not want to do the work themselves, go inward and heal.  They are counting on us looking for a hand out or up as it may come to be and then we will be in a slightly better looking reality but with no significant or real change.  This is because the only real and significant change comes from within.  It comes from us looking within and remembering our innate sovereignty and creating the world from this sacred place.

No one can do this for us.

The personal inward journey is one we walk alone yet at the same time we all walk it together.  Side by side, supporting one another.  Blessings and Light on your personal journey.

Stay Sovereign.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Radical Heresy

The most radical act any one of us can perform is loving ourselves so fiercely that the seed of our sovereignty as Divine Beings is born.  It is from this place that the new world can be created because only here are we free.  This radical state of Beingness literally destroys all other paradigms because it cannot tolerate that which was created from a place of fear, of powerlessness and forgetting.  This one single act is the act that the PTB are terrified of us performing and it is the act that they will fight until the end.  They do not fight this battle with physical means only, it is a battle for your Being and the energy you hold.  It is a battle fought for your mind for it (the mind) is the only part of you that they can control and manipulate.  Unplug from your mind and drop into your heart and their world cannot affect you.  That is living in the NOW, the TAO. 

Love yourself, you amazing droplet of Divinity.  Without your unique expression the Oneness is not whole.

You are precious.  You are beautiful, yes, just as you are right now.

Look into the mirror and say this.  "Right here in this and every NOW, I am the perfect expression of Divinity.  I need no outer authority to justify my Being.  I am a sovereign glorious expression of God/Goddess and I love every single cell of my body and every spark of my Light."

Now, kiss yourself wherever you can reach, repeatedly.

Do not diminish yourself in anyway, it is offensive and demeaning to God/Goddess (read Self).  Individually, we are greater than all the world's governments.  We created them and gave them their power through our fear.  We regain our dominion through loving ourselves.  By loving ourselves we live, feel and think with our hearts and our fragile and fearful 3D egos are supported and guided by the Divine Will of our Highest Selves and we live lives as the Creators we are.

Never doubt this is you. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Evolution not Revolution

There is no "them" and the world is not "broken."  Until we feel the Unity within US, bringing all of our wounded parts home into our hearts we will feel the polarity of this world, we will feel separate, broken.  There is no "them" only "US." 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Awakening in the Matrix

October 20, 2011

This 3-D reality is a game, a construct created through our minds in order to create a reality for our consciousness to experience itself, individuated but in relation to itself. Part of the game is that we forget that, like in a dream, all of the participants are really us. All of them. We are all at different parts of the game which seem to follow Elizabeth Kubler Ross's stages of grief.

First, we are in Denial. We do not know who we are or why we are here. We accept the construct as reality, the only reality and move through our lives on autopilot, sleeping.

Then we begin to awaken and see glimpses of our reality begin to crumble before us.

We get Angry. We protest, we rage, we seek to destroy, not fully realizing that what we rage against is of our own making. We are just waking up.

Then we toggle. Do we really want to be awake? Life wasn't so bad before perhaps we can fix it?

Bargaining. We appeal to those who govern us, those whom we have given our power and ask them to change it, make it better… We will all work together if you do this for us… We seem to gain some momentum then realize that nothing is changed.

The powers that be still control us, our world is still the same.

Depression. We feel hopeless in the face of this task. They won't give us what we want, we are not big enough to physically take it… We give up. What's the point? There's no hope, the control is too big, too strong, too deep, too powerful.

This is the dark night of the soul.

It is often when we feel the most hopeless that we are one breath away from a breakthrough.

Acceptance. We begin to see Light and with the Light we begin to remember who we are and why we are here. We remember that it is just a game that we created in order to have experience.

We realize (see with real eyes) for the first time we are not power-less but infinitely power-full. 
We are Creators.

We begin to see ourselves in others within the construct and recognize Oneness. We are not here to destroy the construct we are here to grow through it, to evolve past the need for it, ascend beyond it.… Then there is peace within us. We detach from the need to fix and change our external environment because we can clearly see that it is a projection of our internal environment.

"So, all I have to do is shift myself? That's my only responsibility?” 

"Yes Dearest Ones, that is your only task. Remember who you are, remember the love and create from there. We have not chosen this experience to see it as broken, WE are not broken so there is nothing to be fixed. Lift the veil, be willing to see, think with your hearts and be Light.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Occupy YourSELF!

October 5, 2011

Note:  This information really pissed off some of my dear friends…read at your own risk ;-)

Change does not happen to us, it arises from within. Until we can fully own our power as creator beings we will be slaves, locked into a victimhood of our own creation.

I was trying to figure out what about the whole "occupy" protests that irked me so much. I get the anger and the outrage, I do. I see the world through clear and open eyes, probably better than many of the protesters, so I get it. I was angry, too when I first woke up to the reality of this world and the anger came in stages. Many of the protesters still do not know the whole truth so there's more awakening and more anger to come. For this first awakening, I am happy. We must strive to guide them to deepen their awareness so they can transcend the fear and anger that feeds the very system they are trying to change.

Yes, fear and anger.

When you are in full-blown rage it is often impossible to see the root of the anger but it is always fear, there is no rage in love.

So… The protesters are railing against the bankers and the bankers laugh. This fuels the rage amping up the intensity. It makes me sad because all of those newly awakened souls are being duped, used and manipulated. Their actions are fueling the system they are decrying and they don't even know it. This is one of the reasons the bankers laugh.

The protesters are looking for change but from whom, what source? If the slave goes to the master and pitches a fit for freedom and whines about injustice… What is the probable outcome? Does the slave get his freedom? No. Because the slave does not own his freedom in his heart, he does not expect it, he does not feel it in his bones, otherwise his external reality would reflect that.

When we expect our external world to change without changing our internal world we are like a toddler whining for a candy bar in the grocery store.

What would be the benefit to the bankers to give the protesters what they demand?  Do the protesters even know what it is they want or what to put in place once they get what they want?  The bankers laugh. They laugh because they know that anger is energy and that they can use that energy for themselves. Bonus. They also know the basic laws of physics that state that all things are made of energy and that these states of energy can be changed and altered with thought… Hmmm… think about it, what do the bankers have and control that the protesters want? Yes.  Money. So they laugh because they're using their gift of awareness to convert all of the protesters anger into more money for themselves. I'd laugh, too if it weren't so damn sad. If the protesters expended 1/8 of their energy in meditation and self reflection they would see the change they want to see in the world. But that's not even the point, really.

This 3-D reality that we are collectively creating and experiencing on earth is a construct. A powerful, self-learning construct that creates its reality based on the beliefs of the participants. We create our own heaven or hell depending on what we think and what we input into the construct which is the mind. We chose to forget who we really are and we can choose to remember. Those of us who do remember must hold sacred space for all those newly awakened so they can see and hold the bigger picture and transcend their anger. We must also remember that they will do this in their own time and in their own way, we can only hold love and light for them and be there for them if they request guidance.

The only thing a person we can change is ourselves so let's focus there.

What do you expect? Look at your life and be honest when you think of government, banks, authority etc.… What do you expect? What do you expect of the world, of your life?  What do you expect? Our expectations fuel the construct, they tell it what to do, what to create. Everything is energy, everything. Our houses, cars, furniture, appliances… How many of those items do you expect to have in your life? Would you rent an apartment without appliances? Would you buy a car without an engine? Would you buy a house without walls? We expect these things in our lives and so it is. But if everything is energy what about money? Money is no different than appliances, walls in your house or an engine in your car. Money is energy plain and simple and what we expect of it is what we get and create. If we hate money or think it is evil what are we saying about ourselves and God and Goddess? We are all made of Source Energy…so--

Money = Ourselves = God and Goddess.

It's all the same! What are your expectations? What do you feel? We measure what something is worth using money… What are you worth? It's all energy. How are you labeling yourself, what are you telling yourself… What is the construct/mind creating? What are your expectations? We are having a 3-D experience. Our ability to master the game is our challenge. Our ego is like the AV guy running the tape recorder in our minds, he hits playback and it runs the construct trying desperately to keep us alive and in the game. Because we don't remember who we are and are disconnected from our Source Self Energy, the ego feels like he has to step in and run the show, let's assist it.

We are all one being…
Construct = polarity = US vs THEM
US =  sleepwalkers/newly awakened
THEM = powers that be (PTB)
US = victims
THEM = powerful victors
US = no worth
THEM =  all the worth
US =  struggle for little
THEM =  ease for everything, no wanting for money or power
US =  no remembrance of self or power
THEM =  full remembrance of self and power

But, we are all ONE BEING so… Where does this leave us?

Within the construct, with no awareness, there is the polarity paradigm. All of the constructs are in play and running the show. We are slaves/victims to the construct that is 3-D. But what about them? The powers that be, yes they have the power and wealth and the control… But do they have peace? Do they have joy? Do they have love? They live in darkness, they may control us via the construct but they are powerless against love and light because that is their Achilles' heel. That is what they long for, wish for and feel completely trapped against receiving. The intensity of the dark is oppressive. We long for wealth and autonomy and power; they long for love and light. Can we hold both? It is all energy, it is all just code in the construct.

At our Source, we hold it all–in our heart of stillness we are it all. We ALL hold the I AM consciousness.  WE ALL DO.

We are conditioned to fear what we don't have and attach to wanting because it is powerless. They feed off our anger and fear because like attracts to like. They fear our light because they want it. The more light we hold though, the more awareness is present = awakening.

We are ALL asleep just in opposite ways.

The Light can hold the love flavors which are compassion, empathy, kindness… Their construct is insidious they use physical abuse and torture to build and maintain their construct.

It's all energy, everything is energy. We are energy, God and Goddess are energy… To hate or dislike any part of life is akin to hating the self/ hating God and Goddess.

Money equals energy.

What are your beliefs?
What are your expectations?


October 7, 2011

Want to occupy something? Allow your higher self to occupy your mind then you will experience and create true sovereignty, true freedom. All changes arise from within, no one can give you your freedom if you don't feel it within your heart of being. As long as anyone needs governance, there will be control. Our sovereignty eliminates the need for external governing but we must be willing to rise above our comfort zone, our trance of victimhood. We must be willing to walk into the shadows and claim it as our own, we must have the courage to see THEM as US, because they are. Until we can hold both we are trapped in polarity and will create from there.  But do not feel this is a judgment, there's nothing wrong with being in polarity, our world is a beautiful place. It is an exhilarating ride, and unforgettable experience. Be with it, feel it, embrace it, surrender to it all. That is why we are here.

Then when you hear the voice calling you to remember who you are, heed it. Follow it wherever it takes you then you will find that which you have been searching for, longing for, dreaming of. You will find the exact piece that you need to feel whole–finally.

You will find your self.
Beautiful glorious day.

Expect this to happen and it will be what you create. We create what we expect and what we believe. What do you expect and believe? Be willing to look into all mirrors presented to you, own your whole self. It's time to take back our minds.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Love? Life? What? by Robert Fowler

I stand charged of treason?
For what reason?
For fear of my own power.
I locked myself in the tower.
Turned my face away.
Sleeping day after day after day,
wanting only to stay locked in the safety
of my own decay.
Dead to the world.
Asleep in the hay.
Now I have awakened.
Nothing is forsaken.
The mission has become crystal clear.
Connect to the One - your Father and Mother.
In Sacred Union embody the Other.
Embrace the Journey.
The Quest is your Lover.
The full scope of emotions.
The World is your mirror.
Transform and transcend your doubt and your fear.
Set your course - Plunge into the Ocean.
Trust all of your senses, you'll know where to steer.
Wherever you find the darkness encroaching
open your heart,
free your mind and bring love's light to bear.
There is nowhere to hide.
Forgive those who have lied
and those who've claimed to care.
They too are scared and are caught in the trap of despair.
Your mission is this - to follow your bliss.
Open your heart and teach the art
of loving and living through fear of the dark.
The Heart is the Source of both bliss and remorse.
The key is to Allow
and make a solemn vow
To Hold Both and to be all that you See.

Friday, July 8, 2011

The Hologram

June 25, 2011
Gay marriage approved by the New York State Senate…
This feels like it should be a shining moment but somehow… I have to ask, why is it that we must ask the permission of our government as to whom we may marry? Marriage is a sacred divine bond between souls. So why have we given its domain over to the government? I know… Because of insurance issues right? Yet another facet of our lives here in this 3-D game where we give our power away. First we are made to feel powerless in the situation then they wait, wait for our victim selves to clamor to be rescued by our benevolent big brother (the government) and Poof! One more area of our personal sovereignty vanishes by our own hand.
We are not powerless beings, we hold a power both collectively and individually that is so vast it is feared. Feared by the powers that seek to control us yes but also by ourselves, this must be truth otherwise why would we so willingly give up our freedoms, our sovereignty to a government that does not have our interests at heart? (NOTE:  7-8-11:  Notice how I succumbed to my victim state here?  Dropping my frequency into anger and powerlessness and polarity.  It's too easy to fall back into the "Us against them" mentality that is purely illusion, don't worry I pull it around.)  Why would we create this government in the first place? Oh yes! To hold our power for us!! That is it! We have created this hologram so we could project our power onto it and only give us little doses of it when we told it to, when we deemed we were ready. What is the cue the hologram responds to, to know we are ready? The love in your auras and the groundedness of your being. When you are able to ground the love and hold it in your field then and only then will you be able to retrieve bits of your power back. Fear will project it back into the hologram again. 
So, it is a feedback system, I get it.  It responds to us, it's creator.  If we are in a fearful state(anger is included in this, as is worry), it steps in to "help" when we are grounded in love, it allows us our space and power.  But we still create it, in every thought, in every action.  If we were to all be existing in pure love and unity, it would evaporate, turn to mist.  How does that feel in your body to imagine that?  Our government and other agencies evaporating?  Does it frighten you?  Make you feel unprotected and vulnerable?  This is an opportunity to heal that.  You needed feel that emotion.  Restoring your personal and spiritual sovereignty must be our priority.  Remember who you are.  Remember who you are.  Remember who you are.  Remember.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Lyrics for "I Surrender"

Sorry this took so long!!  Enjoy.  Now is the perfect moment to surrender.
Surrendering our 3-D egos to our Divine will.
Our human egos/will keep us in fear. It is designed to keep us alive so it is always in fight or flight. While this may keep us "alive" it is only in the most basic of ways. How alive do we wish to be? Just surviving with our adrenals on overload, stress hormones pulsing through our bodies, poisoning our blood, darkening our aura. Do you want to live the small one-dimensional life offered by the frail and scared human ego or the huge multidimensional, beautifully textured and magickal life available when we surrender to our Divine will and align with our Lightbodies?

Personally, I surrender.

I surrender my fear and doubt. I surrender my fear that I am not enough, that I am too fat, too smart and too aware.
I surrender the fear of beauty, of anger and pain, I surrender my fear of the darkness and my judge, my disdain.
I surrender the fear of ascension, the fear of All that is, I surrender the fear of loneliness, heartbreak and sin.
I surrender my fear that I don't know enough that my thighs are too thick and my unwillingness to trust.
I surrender my fear that I don't know how to love, can't open to receive or give healing touch.
I surrender my fear of living in Light, of walking alone, of standing in height.
I surrender my fear of my infinite power, of magick and fire and flight. I surrender my fear of the burning of confusion of death and of flight.
I surrender my fear of my beating heart it's fragility, tenderness and power. I surrender my fear of the brain that thinks and of the clock that ticks off each hour.
I surrender my fear of the pain in this life, of torture, murder and rape. I surrender my fear of the deepest love that obliviates separation and space.
I surrender my fear of losing myself, swallowed up by the will of the One. I surrender my fear of feeling the bliss that comes when merged and undone.
I surrender my fear of being wrong, bad or stupid. I surrender my fear of poorly chosen words that sting and bite and taste putrid.
I surrender my fear that this is all there is, that we are alone and have nothing to give.
I surrender my fear of conditioning of programming and control.  I surrender my fear that I am greater than all of the beings foretold.
I surrender my fear that I am the one, that is I,I am counting on. I surrender my fear that I won't follow through that fear has already won.
I surrender my fear of not being believed, of losing respect and not being seen.
I surrender my fear of needing to much of wanting it all and choking the clutch.
I surrender my fear of not being right of thinking too much, of losing my sight.
I surrender my fear that my anger's too strong, my trust is all gone and faith is forlorn.
I surrender my fear of catastrophic events, of dark musty closets and clowns in big tents.
I surrender my fear of sexual bliss, of Divine sacred union and tantric eclipse
I surrender my fear of extraordinary pleasure, of giddy reunion and reckless endeavor.
I surrender my fear of taking the leap, of stepping out first and waking from sleep.
I surrender my fear of not being clever, of saying too much or not saying it better.
I surrender my fear that none of its real, the faeries, the beings, the ET's, the whole deal.
I surrender my fear that the Bible is true, that I'm going to hell and that you're going, too.
I surrender my fear that we're all unprotected and vulnerable and frail and can't be defended.
I surrender my fear that my ego is correct, that I'm crazy, delusional, wacky and highly suspect.
I surrender my fear of fear itself that loves not enough and that the light's been squelched.
I surrender to love as it acts as my compass, guiding me home and giving me purpose. Aligned with Divine will, my destiny's clear, the mission's on schedule and the Light is my mirror.
Words/lyrics written by Maria Falce/guerrillalovefare  All Rights Reserved.  Copyright 2011

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Divine Gift of Eclipse and Solstice

June 15, 2011, 3 AM

So, here we go…

We've been living for the past 2000 years in the age of Pisces. The lesson of the Piscean Age is "Presence." This can mean many things but it can be best summed up this way. The Piscean Age began with Christ and in His life and death we began this lesson of presence. For this is what he showed us; he was present in the darkest moments, the deepest suffering. Beaten, tortured, and nailed to the cross he was present. Did he hate? Did he judge? Does he condemn? No. He loved, he forgave, he was present in each and every moment, for both the Light and the Darkness.  I am both human and God.
For the 2000 years that have followed we have been learning this lesson of presence. Can we live in bodies that make us feel vulnerable? Can we live in a dangerous world? Can we live with extreme sadness and suffering and loss?
These 2000 years have held much darkness and destruction, both in our world and within ourselves (they are, after all, a reflection of each other).

We are now poised to enter the Age of Aquarius (cue the music) the age of love and unity consciousness. We're meeting on the bridge but have we learned enough to cross? Will the draw drop for us as we wait in the stillness…

The stillness asks "can you hold both?" 

Can you hold both your darkness and your light? Can you be present for destruction as well as creation? Can you hold both? We have been swirling around in this polar 3-D world, dancing between light and dark, good and bad… Always pulling and swirling around like a hurricane, the two opposites dancing yet rarely meeting. Within the hurricane lies the eye of the storm. Within the eye there is stillness, peace and calm. In stillness lies all potential; creation. In stillness, the two poles can come together, meet… Unite. Can you hold both? Can you apply this idea to your life? We all have aspects of ourselves that we love and those that we hold in shadow (the two dancers). What can they learn from one another? How would each benefit from merging with the other?

With the series of eclipses and the Summer Solstice sandwiched in between we are being asked to step into the stillness and hold both.

Eclipses represent a moment of timelessness where we (the earth) block the sun's rays(illumination/Light) from reaching the moon which represents our unconscious(dark/shadow). This creates a moment where we are completely alone with our shadow. All the light is gone; the sun is blocked, for 100 min. we are in eclipse. Can we be present with all of our parts that we have held in shadow? The fear, the suffering, the rage, the destruction.

 This eclipse on June 15 will line up with Galactic Center and will enter totality (fullest eclipse) at 20:12 universal time. Galactic Center is a black hole in the center of our galaxy, it is said to be the sun of our sun. It emits massive levels of infrared energy. This has the potential to open up our subconscious mind asking us to release old patterns and traumas. It also clears our root chakra, releasing the old ways of being, allowing us to regenerate and begin anew. Galactic center has also been called the cradle of Divinity or center of creation where the universe was born, you may think of that as God/ess.

What this means is that we have a series of incredible opportunities here to open, clear and receive. To reconnect and remember who we are and why we are here.  The eclipses offer us the timelessness to still, then the alignment with Galactic center/God/ess is able to ground through us (the rainbow bridge) into Earth, clearing us, connecting us, healing both the earth and us.

Solstices are also profound opportunities to enter the void of stillness where all potential is born. To step into the stillness and realign, to be fully present with all of our parts, to merge our shadow with our light and say:

"Yes.  This is who I am.  I love myself, I forgive myself; I am human and I am God."

To be fully present, holding both. It is then the draw will drop and allow us to cross into unity, the Oneness.

The summer solstice is the time for letting go so that something new can grow. Again, another opportunity to release old habits and patterns and ways of thinking that no longer serve us or the world. The elemental of the Summer Solstice is fire, we let go into the fire to allow the phoenix to rise. We step into the flames and whenever is left, is us.

Can we be fully present with those aspects of ourselves that were discovered during the eclipse(s) and walk with them into the heart of stillness offered by the Summer Solstice, bringing them to the Light, stepping into the void holding them both and allowing them to merge and become one?

This is how we walk into unity.  This is Ascension. This is our moment to embody Christ Consciousness, to look into our darkness, bring it into the Light and love it, all of it.

 I am human, I am God, I hold both.

The Piscean age began with Christ modeling for us the lesson. Now, 2000 years later we have the opportunity to "take the test" to step into the void and be fully present with the totality of ourSelves.

We are the Oneness.  We are Love.  We are God.  

The Healing Vortex

Lunar Eclipse

This lunar eclipse on the 15th asks us what did we start 18 years ago in 1992 that is in need of completion? I began my healing Path in 1992 in therapy and deciding to return to college to study physical therapy. Which then led to massage therapy and energy work and then biodynamic craniosacral therapy. All of it has been a path for healing and re-integrating and re-membering myself. That's what life is all about is it not? And education is a part of life… We are expected in our 3-D society to go to college, pick a major,  get the degree, then get a job doing that. But isn't the real point the process? What we discover about ourselves and our world and our place in this world, isn't that what's important? I mean, if you erase our dysfunctional economic system–or better the dysfunctional management of our economic system, eliminating the need for money and thus "work", what would the point be? For this life and everything we do with it and in it? What would the point be if it was no longer to work to make money so we can buy stuff. What would the point be? Do you even know? We have lost our most primal connection to ourselves and our purpose (the point) in this 3-D game. The veil has been so thick, so heavy for so long but now it is light, translucent you can, if you choose to, see through it. So can you tell me now, what is the point? I am not saying this from a place of hopelessness or judgment were I feel there is no point, not at all. I am saying this so you must answer this question for yourself and only for yourself. No canned answers please "to love” is too vague. "To learn", too vague. Love what, whom? Learn what and for what purpose? What is the point? Remember why you are here, why you chose to play this game.  The time is upon us to reconsider who we are and what we believe and what we believe in. Do our thoughts and beliefs support unity consciousness, the marriage between the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine? Or do they foster fear and separation and struggle? Honestly! This is not a time for lying to ourselves in order to look good. That time has passed. That game is over, done. It is time to take that step. The step through the veil moving from what was toward what is.

With this lunar eclipse lining up with the Galactic center be ready to step into the portal, open the vortex and receive. Prepare yourself, because when the download comes through the Light will illuminate the dark corners that we have kept hidden away. Can you say meltdown? I'm not trying to scare you, simply prepare you for some tumultuous inner landscapes. The Light is coming to clean house, perhaps you'd like to do a little organizing and personal inventory before It arrives… Not so you look better but so you are better prepared to resource yourself when it happens. This is such an amazing opportunity for us, it really is. I mean, I spent how many years in therapy and this cosmic influx could clear it out in a matter of… hours/days/weeks? Well, the therapy was my way of pre-cleaning organization. I can feel it coming. The weight on my heart is thick and trembly.
It's time! It's time! It's time! There is an excitement brewing deep inside, like the most anticipated event ever is drawing near. I've been seeing flashes of light in the sky for the last couple of days, many of them; five or six on Saturday alone.

Tonight, Sofia was lying on top of me in bed before going to sleep, she sat up and said  "it's almost complete  Mommy, all you have left is the blue, indigo and violet and you will have your rainbow heart!” I smiled and asked "what do I need to do?”  " Love, just love with all your heart, all the time just love and only be bossy a little bit.” I laughed.  "So, how is it your heart is a rainbow, you are always bossy.” She rolled her eyes,"Mommy, I have always had a rainbow heart.” I said "and you chose not to forget or lose it?”  "You can never lose it Mommy, once you have your rainbow heart, you can never lose it.”  "Unless you choose to give it away?” I asked.  "No. Not even then.”  "So what happened with Daddy's and mine? Weren't we born with rainbow hearts?”  "No. The faeries decided that you needed to learn how to get your rainbow hearts.”  "Ahh, I see…”

This morning as I was waking up I dreamt I was in the basement cleaning up boxes. Sofia came down and asked if she could do it, too. I jokingly asked her "if I jumped off a cliff would you jump, too?”  "Of course Mommy and I would support both of us.” I woke up in tears. My little Angel Crystal baby.

We must be fully grounded in order to receive this energy otherwise it has the potential to short out our circuits. Waves of energy will course through us from our Higher Selves,  illuminating our path allowing us the opportunity to choose to step fully onto our path or stay in the shadows. We cannot grow up and out without a full reckoning of our "past"-- our foundation-- our "roots." This means looking at and taking responsibility for what we have created both individually and collectively.
Are you grounded and connected into the Divine Feminine so that when the Divine Masculine calls, they can merge within you?

I just saw the floor move like it was made of water…

Do not be afraid of who you are. The moon goes into "totality", the fullest portion of eclipse, at 20:12 UTC. Does anyone else find this time interesting? Everyone is so focused on 2012 the year… Perhaps it was misunderstood, that it was a "time" not a "year" and the moment is now. Something to ponder.

If you read some astrologers this eclipse brings the harbinger of death. It is easy to assume that this means some fulfillment of end time prophecies. But what if the "death" that occurs is to our belief systems and philosophies that no longer work, to the parts of our collective consciousness that no longer work or serve the greater good.

Death to a separatist way of life giving birth to the Phoenix of Unity.

The energy of the Divine Masculine penetrating through us, the rainbow bridge, to the receptive and fertile Mother impregnating the Divine Feminine who then gives birth through our hearts to love and unity, heaven on earth… Joy.

What are you resisting? What are you afraid to look at or see? Who is the person you see in the mirror that you no longer recognize?

The world's not going to end just the world as we know it… As we have always perceived it.

Embrace the shifts that are coming. Open your hearts to the divine energies flowing into you and surrender. We  all stand at the precipice of a great new Dawn. We have only to release what no longer works to prepare fertile ground for this new beginning to take root.
On June 15, Wednesday at 20:12 universal time, do not stand in fear make the choice for love.
Ask yourself:  "What is the point?"  And then remember.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

I - Magi- Nation

I hear a lot of people proclaim "I'm just not creative."  I nod my head as if I understand this statement but really, I don't.  I assume they mean that they cannot draw or paint or make music, as these are the most common venues associated with creativity. It is the box we place around creation in order to limit and define.  The notion is that you have to be an artist to be creative.  Inside my mind I am thinking, "well, they are alive, how is it that they are not creative?"  Descartes had it right when he said "I think, therefore I am."  In philosophy class, most everyone believed that Descartes meant that his ability to reason gave life meaning and purpose.  I don't necessarily agree with that.  While reason can be helpful it in no way can compete with the powerful force that is imagination.  Thinking as well as imagining are constructs of the mind and really are one in the same.  We have a tendency to downplay the imagination as mere fantasy but in reality it is the most powerful tool of our mind.  In Angelish, John Sacelli redefines imagination to be "I- Magi- Nation".  A mage (magi) is a magician, one who wields the powerful creation force of the universe.  Within our minds, we are the Mage.  We create with every thought.  We are a nation/world of magicians creating life with each and every thought.  There is nothing more creative than that.  Look at what we have created.  This world is a beautiful place filled with beautiful people, each and every one.  Every day we love one another, care for one another and tend lovingly to our planet.  We live in peace and allow others to live in peace.  Every one is fed and has their needs met.  What powerful beings we are to have created that.  Feel the power and love of your creation.  Now allow that to radiate out into the world around you, see the ripples of sweetness as they cascade through the air touching everything in it's wake enveloping it in Love and Light.  Can you hear the trees sigh in blissful content?  The birds singing just for you.  Feel the Earth, our beloved Gaia, shudder in ecstasy as she experiences the beauty of your creation. 

Each of us has within us the spark of divinity.  Some wear it large and luminous and others locked away like a genii in a bottle just waiting for that magickal moment when awareness, want or need breaks the spell and sets it free.  That spark tickles at the corners of your mind, dances in your heart.  Always always singing it's song, sparkling like a thousand stars through the mist.  Whispers like velvet kisses brush through your hair, gently caressing your inner longing.  Come home to me my One.  Here is peace, here is sweetness, here is love. 

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Everyone is Your Mirror

Each of us has a diamond.  It is our life, the life we have chosen to live in this 3D world.  It is a reality of polarities encompassing all realities, all possibilities, all experience.  It is a game where we go to learn about who we are, who we truly are…
When he woke up the day was dark.  Raining again.  Why does it always have to rain when I have an interview.  He thought.  I really need this job, it will be the job that gets me out of this hell hole, the job that sets me on the path to being rich.  I'll finally be able to get ahead and have all the things that I want.  I'll be able to get out of debt and all the phone calls will stop.  I'll be free and happy!  He thought.  But of course, it has to rain.  I'll walk through the rain and look like a drowned rat when I get to my interview and they will see what a mess I am and won't give me a chance.  He sighed as he pulled himself from his bed.  "Why even bother" he muttered already defeated.  This is how it always happens, I never get what I want, he thought as he showered and dressed.  "Well, I at least have to try" he said firmly.  He had after all beat out all the other applicants and now it was down to two.   Not that it will do any good the voice responded from inside his head.  He sighed deeply.  He arrived at the building early,  the other man was there already, be began sizing up his competition.  He'll probably get it he groaned to himself, look at him, perfectly put together, he doesn't even look like he needs this job, his parents probably have money, they probably already bought this job for him and the interview is only a formality.  His aura grew darker and darker with his musings and as he sat his anger grew as well.  Why is it that the people who already have money get the best jobs and they don't even need the job, everything is already stacked in their favor, they get everything and the rest of us get nothing, we are left to struggle and fend for ourselves and are expected to grovel to them gleefully accepting whatever pittance they toss down to us.  His anger fueled his powerlessness.  I hate them, I hate them all . Why is the world like this?  It's not fair.  I work hard, I'm honest, and I can't pay my bills and I live in a hole.  They don't work hard, they steal and lie and cheat and have EVERYTHING.  They are rich, have beautiful houses, cars, clothes, women, they have it all and the rest of us have nothing.  What kind of God would allow this inequality?  This injustice?  This is bullshit.  He seethed in his angst while continuing to wait…glaring at the other candidate that he was certain already had the job.
I hate this he thought to himself.  I hate having to lower myself to this ridiculous game.  Father called the CEO last week, why do I have to sit here and "compete" with this, this person?  How am I supposed to pretend that I am one of them?  He shuddered in disgust.  I don't even know why I have to take this job, it's beneath me.  I have more money than the CEO of this company and I have to go and work for him?  For what?  For experience?  Experience of what, being a lowly minion, a nobody?  One of the herd?  Please.  Well, Father said it was only one year, if I worked here for one year he would release my trust and I can do whatever I want.  Ahhh, whatever I want.  I'm buying that yacht and 5 of the most beautiful women I can find, hell make that 10 and sailing to the Caribbean and never coming back.  Who needs this?  He laughed to himself.  Look at him, I can smell his desperation, his fear.  Pathetic.  I can just hear him…Oh, why can't I ever get what I want, I'm such a victim.   Whine, whine, whine. Oh, I'm so unlucky, nothing ever goes my way.   His sardonic laugh escaped his mouth, all eyes turn toward him.  Whatever, he thought.  I don't care what any of them thinks, tomorrow, I will not only have the job he desperately wants and needs but I will be on my way to having a life that he can only dream of.  Life is GREAT.  Thank God I was born who I am, not like him.  They are the problem in our society, he thought.  They are lazy and weak-minded and muddle around looking for a free ride or for someone to save them from their misfortune.  They come here groveling for a job, like any CEO in his right mind would hire someone like that.  True, in this case the deck is stacked against him…ha ha but really all you need is confidence. You need to know that you are the best for the job and march in there and take it.  It's as simple as that. But they'll never get that, they are too busy wallowing in self pity oh poor me he mimicked coldly.  While staring at his "competition."
As the two men sat facing one another a strange mist descended upon the room. The men did not notice as they were both busy stewing in their anger and hatred of the other.  The room expanded, a diamond came into view.  A huge glowing diamond as big as the Earth.  Within it sat the two men one at each side of the diamond directly opposite the other, each in his own facet.
Suddenly, the men erupted in a blaze of righteous indignation, fingers pointing at the other "you are what makes this world a bad place!!!"  They yelled out at each other.  Their fingers, extended in accusation met a resistance.  It is a mirror, each man looks into the mirror where his finger is touching, the mirror begins to quiver.  Their eyes simultaneously rise from their fingers to the face staring back at them, together they gasp.  "You are the reason there is so much darkness and evil in the world, you are the problem.  I hate you!!"  They yelled.  "If everyone was more like me, the world would be a better place!!"  They yelled again at the same time.  The mirror wavered more.  "Why don't you just go away!"  They each slammed their  hands against the mirror, attempting to push it away, it shook intensely as their hands met, palm to palm.  There was an intense heat between them and the air around them crackled.  The room began to spin like a vortex of energy swirling around them faster and faster.  The two men tried to turn and run away but they could not move.  Connected  palm to palm they stood eyes wide, staring at the other, the one they hated, the one they blamed.   The room spun faster now creating a column of light. Like a funnel coming down from a cloud, it descended between them, drawing them into its spiraling energy.  As they spun, vision began to blur but they held firm  "I am the Light in this world and you are the Darkness."  over and over they yelled their belief as the vortex drew them in.  Spinning furiously now in the vortex in the center of the diamond, they screamed then there was a snap.  They were floating in stillness.  Once again they looked into the eyes of the other, this time they saw SELF.  Tears welled from  the depths of their hearts as they recognized themselves in the other.  Where once they saw Darkness now they saw Light and where once they saw Light, they now saw Darkness. "I was always so afraid that I would become you…"  they whispered.  "I see now that I always have been…"  they each stepped forward toward the other and into the vortex of Light.  "I can feel now how you have struggled" they said.  The vortex began to spin again each man seeing and feeling the other in himself, reweaving the torn matrix between them .  As the vortex slowed once again to stillness, the men, now one hovered atop their diamond, lovingly watching their other selves playing out the polarity game, struggling.  They felt washed with an understanding and compassion they vowed to remember, remember it all.  The diamond suddenly shuddered and they were back in the waiting room sitting across from one another.  Their eyes darted to the other, uncertainty racing through their hearts.  Their eyes met with a deep recognition "Hi, I'm Thomas" he reached out his hand "Hi, I'm Joe."  "Hi, Joseph. I've always wanted to start my own business, not work for someone else, what about you?"  "Yeah" he nodded.  "I've always wanted that, too"  Joe replied  "Come on, this job is beneath us, let's go and get some coffee."
Do we have the courage to look into the mirror?  This is our challenge for without looking we cannot see the wholeness, the beauty in life.  We cannot embody all that we truly are, we cannot see the wisdom that the other holds for us shrouded in the mist of shadow.  What potential have we collectively tucked away. What treasure is waiting to be found?  We hold it all within us, in the NOW.  We have but to look into the mirror, into ourSelves to find it and bring it home.  See the Light in the Dark and the Dark in the Light, they are ONE playing this game of polarities.  Bring them together into your heart.  Remember.
"Ebony and Ivory live together in perfect harmony…"

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Be Light, Be Love, Be

Love yourself free of fear and doubt, know who you are
See the Light cleansing you, allow it to reset your Divine matrix
You are a Divine Being sent here on an important mission.
Enlightenment, ascension, healing, wholeness.
Do not doubt that this is YOU.
Hear the call from deep within your soul's essence
You cannot deny the longing
the deep truth that has tugged at your consciousness for sooo long
Give in, surrender to the Light
Allow the Light to transform you, heal you, lighten you.
Make your every action bathed in Love's Light so that every being that enters your aura has the opportunity for enlightenment and healing simply by being near you.  No words need to be spoken, simply be.  Be Light, Be Love, Be.

Earth Day is Every Day

Every day is Earth Day
Our Mother's call is clear
Every day is Earth Day
To Her, all Life is dear
Feel her winds embrace us
Her sun kisses us with his warmth
Hear her trees call to us
Come home to me Dear one
Giggle with the flowers
Whose Faeries tend so dear
Play with the fireflies and
Sing hearts free of fear
Every day is Earth Day
We are One
Feel it in your heart
Join together in love and light
Home awaits us All
Now is the time to start

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

~Love exists in time but does not belong to time~

Love is always thankful. If love complains, then it is not love. Love basically is gratitude. Complaints arise when there are desires and they are not fulfilled; gratitude arises because all that is needed is already fulfilled. So much is given that more cannot be asked, then there is gratitude. Complaints arise because this has to be there and it not and that has to be there and it is not. The desiring mind complains; the loving mind thanks.

That’s why one very fundamental thing has to be understood: love is not a desire, because desire is complaint, desire is ungratefulness. Love cannot be a desire. it is fulfillment. It has no demands, it does not ask for anything. It only gives, and gives out of thankfulness. Love is a sharing, not a desire. And people who think love is desire go on missing; they will never know what love is. They will know passion but they will never know love. They will know lust but they will never know love.

Love is very unearthly. It is of the sky! Love exist in time but does not belong to time; it comes from eternity. Learn to become more and more grateful for small things. Just for the sheer joy of breathing, feel grateful to God…just for the sheer joy that you can see rainbows and flowers and clouds. What more is needed? Just for the sheer joy that you can love and that you can be loved, be thankful, and out of that thankfulness a person becomes religious. Not by going to a church or by becoming a Christian or a Hindu but by becoming grateful, does a person attain to religiousness.



I love, because my love is not dependent on the object of love. My love is dependent on my state of being. So whether the other person changes, becomes different, friend turns into a foe, does not matter, because my love was never dependent on the other person. My love is my state of being. I simply love.


Monday, March 28, 2011

Coming Events

This article is an excerpt from the Divine Cosmos Newsletter by David Wilcock.  I am posting this here because I believe it is important for all of us to know what may occur in the near future so that we can be prepared.  When I say prepared I am intending for myself, my family and our world to grow together in peace and unity, for love to replace money as the common thread that binds us and for all of us to grow together as light beings creating the new world.  I intend to allow my heart to embrace fear and transform it into loving light. I empty my cup thereby allowing the gifts from my higher self to flow into me.  I intend to stand in a place of not knowing, in trust and surrender to the Divine for only then can I be guided to my highest intention.  Fear not for it only creates more of itself.  The time to practice conscious co-creation is now, visualize the world you want to live in and feel it as truth in your body and watch as it unfolds before you like a gift. 
Brightest Blessings.

I don't like dropping dates, but April 8th is going to be a very, very interesting day. This has gotten a bit long, so I will save the bulk of this argument for an update that will emerge by or before this date.
Three different massive events all coalesce on this one focal-point -- just a week before taxes are due in the US:
SUPREME COURT RULES AGAINST THE FED: The Supreme Court has given the Federal Reserve a two-week deadline to reveal where the money went -- as of Monday, March 21st. This decision is one of the most significant events in American history. That brings us to April 4th -- four days before the 8th.
GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN: The Democrats and Republicans in Congress cannot agree on a budget. The US government will therefore shut down as of April 8th -- and there is no indication anyone will stop it. That means no paychecks, no services, et cetera -- for an indeterminate time.
NEW BRETTON WOODS: On this very same day, the first meeting to completely overhaul the world's financial system will take place. Other countries will now have much more of a say. This is the literal fulfillment of everything Fulford and I have been saying for so long.
This will create a massive wave of prosperity and directly pave the way for the release of clean, 'free' energy technology.

The final 'endgame' plan of the insiders, as I understand it, is to hit the US with a massive earthquake along the New Madrid fault line during the same approximate time that the government goes into shutdown.
Then, they hope, all the welfare recipients and government employees stop getting their money due to the shutdown. Society quickly disintegrates as all the services stop happening. Meanwhile, the perpetrators flee, or have already fled the country.
I'm frankly amazed the conspiracy media hasn't put all this together yet, but they will soon enough. We'll get to that in Part Two. Suffice it to say I do not believe these events will unfold as they are planning.

If you could see things from Ra's perspective, you would understand that ultimately there is no drama. There is no crisis. There is no conflict. There are no paradoxes.
There is only 'catalyst', as they call it -- experiences that we will be offered to the exact degree of precision necessary to open our hearts and awaken our minds.
We live in a spiritual reality. Everything we think, see and do is being scrupulously monitored and studied by a greater aspect of our own selves.
Your "Higher Self" already exists now -- in what you would think of as the future. It is millions of years more advanced than the level you appear to be at now.
Nonetheless, since it exists in a reality where time is not confined to a linear progression, it works to guide you through your life.
Dreams are one important way for your Higher Self to get a message through. At other times, the world itself follows the language and logic of the dream plane.
Disclosure -- the concept of extraterrestrial humans being formally introduced to us -- would definitely represent an irreversible tipping-point in our planet's history, where many apparent dreams suddenly become vividly real.
For two years now, Fulford has been saying that once the Federal Reserve is defeated and a new financial system is announced, we will get Disclosure of free energy technologies that can radically change the planet.
He has also been saying, for two years, that Japan was being threatened with earthquake weapons that would trigger a nuclear disaster -- because Japan cut off the flow of money to the Rockefeller faction that has been in place since Rockefeller money was loaned to them, at an exploitive rate, to rebuild their country after World War II.
Now do you see why I'm so excited about what is about to happen?

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Divine Complement

In this 3D world the lesson of duality separates and defines, this is our reality.  One is good, the other is bad this = battle.  Righteous battle where there can be righteous killing... this is interesting to me.
We demonize the dark, make it bad attempting to empower the light.  Thus light is good and must be defended.  But what if we didn't demonize the dark?  Instead embrace our dark sides/aspects simply for being what they are, parts of ourselves that need love.  Each side seeks only one thing and it is not the destruction of the other, light and dark seek Oneness with each other.  The light seeks to embrace the dark and the dark seeks light's embrace.  The dark is the light's Divine Complement, its Twin Flame, soul mate.  Seek reunion.
 What would happen if we did not buy into the fear of the dark?  Buy in by feeling as if we need "protection" or "shields"?  If we are all One Being, what/who exactly do you need protection from?
 Something to think about.
 Bright Blessings.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Divine Discontent

Divine discontent works both ways.

The Divine seeks experience/separation and the incarnate seeks reunion/Oneness.

Thus the cycle of life exists.

Thoughts = Reality.

This 3D world is an illusion created by our own minds in order to fulfill the need for individuation.  Once the need for individuation is surpassed by the need for Oneness, the illusion begins to shift and fade as we "ascend" into higher dimensions.  Part of the illusion is that we need to "go somewhere" in order to achieve these higher dimensions.  The reality is that we already exist at all levels, all dimensions as we are a part of the ONE or GOD/ESS.  We need only to remember this to be able to "ascend" or re-connect.  The only thing that will change is our perception of our reality as we allow veils to lift with our changing and expansive thought patterns.  We will begin to see the hologram shift and change to align itself to our new beliefs.  We are the architects of our own realities, like it or not.  If you don't like what you see or experience in your reality, the ONLY way to change it is by changing your own mind.  You can sign 5000 petitions, vote, protest and bitch and moan but until you create something different, your hologram will continue to reflect back to you the sum total of all of your thoughts.  Look into the world, what do you hate the most?  How is that a part of you?  What belief do you hold in shadow that needs to be healed in order for it to shift?  Can you then feel genuine love and gratitude for this part, both the internal (self) and external (world) manifestations? Can you see it as a Divine gift of enlightenment?
We are multidimensional Light-beings being made heavy by the matrix of our own minds.  In order to ascend and embody all of our higher dimensional selves we need to "lighten up."  This means facing our parts that we keep in shadow and allowing loves Light to heal and transform them.  With each part or issue we heal we become a bit lighter, a bit more expansive.
We can create an Earth that supports and nurtures all.  This is what She wants, is it what YOU want?
Bright Blessings.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Meet Me on the Bridge

We cannot focus on negative images and thought patterns.  This pulls us down into ego and suffering.  We as a people/world/planet are perched upon the precipice on the bridge of the heart.  Staying with love we remain on the bridge awaiting the moment when the draw lowers and we are allowed to cross into ascension.  Only love will get us there.  When we focus on what is wrong, what we hate in others and the world we step off the bridge and back into ego and the world we have created from there.  A world of sadness, fear and anger.  A world of duality, of right and wrong.  We claim we want peace and love but when given the choice do we love or do we hate?  When face with injustice do we lapse into fear and loathing or can we transcend our ego fears and sees the Divinity in even the most monstrous situation or person and love them regardless?  I'm not suggesting that it is easy, growth never is.  It will be the hardest act we ever accomplish but what's great is that we have universal momentum on our sides.  Spirit is propelling us forward at an ever accelerating pace toward our golden moment where we can see all of creation as ourselves.  Where we can look at one another and see self, where we can look at ourselves and see and feel pure love.

As we race toward ascension (beginning March 9, 2011 we will have 234 days!) it is important to understand the emotions that are born of love. 

The most important, I feel is forgiveness.  We need to forgive ourselves for our perceived faults and weaknesses, our mistakes.  We need to be brutally honest with ourselves in this process as the ego will try to keep us from looking too deeply. 

Gratitude.  Studies by Dr. Emoto have shown that the emotion gratitude changes the molecular structure of water.  Since we are 70% or more water, be grateful and it will transform you and your world. 

Sadness is an important love-born emotion, feel it when it arises and allow it to teach and transform.

The time for -isms is past (racism, sexism, pessimism).  The Illuminati is so passe it's almost laughable.  Step onto the bridge.

There are 2 practices that I have learned from others that I would like to share with you. 

A yahoo groups friend blesses water towers when she passes them.  Remember how love and gratitude transforms water.  We can do this with all waters.

And Little Grandmother say to gather crystals and bless and infuse them with love then place them into wild waters (streams, lakes, rivers).  The crystal will infuse the waters with love, it will evaporate into the clouds then love will rain down onto all of creation.  We need to perform these practices as a loving devotion.

I have also started a "love-chain" on Facebook.  Here is the skinny:  Love and gratitude have the power to alter out bodies on a cellular level. Our words, actions and thoughts have a direct effect on life...the energy of gratitude has been shown to repair damaged DNA. Pick 5 friends and post on their wall why you feel love and gratitude for their presence in your life. Then ask them to post this in their status and pay the love forward to at least 5 more friends! We can heal the world! Blessings.  Make it viral.  Use the same idea with emails, forwarding on the love.  We need to uplift and enlighten. 

Smile more.  Make eye contact with strangers.  Open doors for others.  Re-connect with people.  Give random compliments, notice things.  Recognize and acknowledge.  Practice "namaste" recognizing the Divinity in others. 

Disconnect from major media as much as possible, things are going to get worse in the world and it is imperative that you do not allow yourselves to get sucked down off the bridge.  Check in with the news if you have to once a day and only if you are feeling strongly rooted in love.  When you turn it off, send love and light to all then let it go.  Do not dwell on the negative images, when they come up send them to the burning cauldron of your heart and allow the heart's fires to transform your fears into love then release it like doves into the world.

We need you on the bridge.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Just say No

We must stop giving away our power to the fear mongers and conspiracy theorists who want nothing more than to harvest your essence.  Giving fearful theories and thoughts your attention gives them your power, make them stronger while weakening you.  With your focus on this negative information, you become frozen in fear, anger and powerlessness, after all, how can anything ever change within that paradigm?  If an all powerful secret hand controls all and is programming and controlling your every thought and action…What's the point?!  The normal human response is first denial then anger then defeat, you just give up, then who wins?  It's not you, my friend, it won't ever be you if you allow the fear to control you.  This information does have it's place, however.  If we all continue sleepwalking believing that our government has our best interests at heart we will not awaken to our full potential as spiritual creative beings.  The state of sleepwalking also robs us of our power.  So, what can we do?  Don't dwell.  Listen, learn, acknowledge then let it go.  None of it matters once you have unplugged from the system.  All that matters is Love.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

We are ONE!

Ethical healers usually have an internal mantra, "It's not me that heals, I am but the guide the conduit"  or something similar.  We are acknowledging that while our work is beautiful and sometimes life altering, it is not us who is doing the work but the Divine working through us.  It keeps our egos from taking on a life of their own when constantly hearing how wonderful we are.

But, if we are the Divine manifest is physical form... "It's not about me, it's all about me" takes on new meaning. 

Healing work is actually a contract between two souls, the Divine seeking itself in Light condensed in physical form.  Recognizing itself, It is able to seek and gently awaken areas that are ready to rise. 

Like a gentle kiss from the Mother in the early dawn hours, calling us to ourselves, fully embodied and Light. 

Come to me dear one, melt into my healing embrace.  Feel my love weave and mend the tears in your soul.  Allow my hand to sooth and nurture, my breast to feed and nourish.  Sit in the lap of the Divine Father and let His Light burn away your wounding, your sense of lack.  You are the Divine made manifest here on my earthly body.  Honor yourself as you honor Us.  Honor Us as you honor yourself, we are ONE.  No longer does duality exist where there is Oneness.  No right or wrong, good or bad, black or white, light or dark.  There is the ONE and it is you.

Bright Blessings.

Monday, February 14, 2011


So many issues are thrown at us on a daily basis, Monsanto/GMO's, the government, wars, human rights, animal rights, environmental rights... we are literally bombarded with images and text via tv, radio, and the internet.  Sign this petition against...fill in the blank over and over again, call your representative about this bill or that, it's endless.  We want to support people and the projects that are important to us, we want to feel heard and honored so we end up spinning plates.

We spin so many plates we are afraid to breathe for fear we may drop one of them.  Then we get the blindside email, the one that says "this company, one that you trust, supports what you are fighting against!!"  Shock, overwhelm, deflation.  We drop our hands to our sides in defeat and exasperation and all the plates crash to the ground.

Now what?!
Allow me to shift the focus of the lens to wide angle, just for a moment and ask this one question: 

"Who benefits in this scenario?"

When you are distracted spinning plates (signing petitions, drafting letters and furiously forwarding emails and posting to facebook) or collapsing into a heap of defeat, who benefits?

The answer is the same for both scenarios.  The first situation takes you out of your body and away from stillness focusing on the problem using fear, anger and outrage and the second causes you to lose hope.

Let me suggest another type of activism, Anarchy.

I chuckle when I write that because I immediately think of the Sex Pistols and trying to overthrow the government.  That is not exactly what I had in mind.

There is a far greater and more powerful form of anarchy, Love.  Specifically, loving yourself so deeply and fiercely that your environment simply has no choice but to reflect that.

Can we shift our focus away from fear and hate?  Can we love  Monsanto so much that they start to love themselves and realize that they simply cannot continue to rape and pillage?

Love as the ultimate anarchy...Who's in?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sacred Melancholy

Ah, sacred melancholy your kiss bites at my heart while stroking me gently.  How can I surrender more deeply to quell your needs, mine?  My longing screams like the spring as I reach out of the darkness, divine womb.  Who will answer when I am alone?  Who will hear?