Saturday, February 26, 2011

Just say No

We must stop giving away our power to the fear mongers and conspiracy theorists who want nothing more than to harvest your essence.  Giving fearful theories and thoughts your attention gives them your power, make them stronger while weakening you.  With your focus on this negative information, you become frozen in fear, anger and powerlessness, after all, how can anything ever change within that paradigm?  If an all powerful secret hand controls all and is programming and controlling your every thought and action…What's the point?!  The normal human response is first denial then anger then defeat, you just give up, then who wins?  It's not you, my friend, it won't ever be you if you allow the fear to control you.  This information does have it's place, however.  If we all continue sleepwalking believing that our government has our best interests at heart we will not awaken to our full potential as spiritual creative beings.  The state of sleepwalking also robs us of our power.  So, what can we do?  Don't dwell.  Listen, learn, acknowledge then let it go.  None of it matters once you have unplugged from the system.  All that matters is Love.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

We are ONE!

Ethical healers usually have an internal mantra, "It's not me that heals, I am but the guide the conduit"  or something similar.  We are acknowledging that while our work is beautiful and sometimes life altering, it is not us who is doing the work but the Divine working through us.  It keeps our egos from taking on a life of their own when constantly hearing how wonderful we are.

But, if we are the Divine manifest is physical form... "It's not about me, it's all about me" takes on new meaning. 

Healing work is actually a contract between two souls, the Divine seeking itself in Light condensed in physical form.  Recognizing itself, It is able to seek and gently awaken areas that are ready to rise. 

Like a gentle kiss from the Mother in the early dawn hours, calling us to ourselves, fully embodied and Light. 

Come to me dear one, melt into my healing embrace.  Feel my love weave and mend the tears in your soul.  Allow my hand to sooth and nurture, my breast to feed and nourish.  Sit in the lap of the Divine Father and let His Light burn away your wounding, your sense of lack.  You are the Divine made manifest here on my earthly body.  Honor yourself as you honor Us.  Honor Us as you honor yourself, we are ONE.  No longer does duality exist where there is Oneness.  No right or wrong, good or bad, black or white, light or dark.  There is the ONE and it is you.

Bright Blessings.

Monday, February 14, 2011


So many issues are thrown at us on a daily basis, Monsanto/GMO's, the government, wars, human rights, animal rights, environmental rights... we are literally bombarded with images and text via tv, radio, and the internet.  Sign this petition against...fill in the blank over and over again, call your representative about this bill or that, it's endless.  We want to support people and the projects that are important to us, we want to feel heard and honored so we end up spinning plates.

We spin so many plates we are afraid to breathe for fear we may drop one of them.  Then we get the blindside email, the one that says "this company, one that you trust, supports what you are fighting against!!"  Shock, overwhelm, deflation.  We drop our hands to our sides in defeat and exasperation and all the plates crash to the ground.

Now what?!
Allow me to shift the focus of the lens to wide angle, just for a moment and ask this one question: 

"Who benefits in this scenario?"

When you are distracted spinning plates (signing petitions, drafting letters and furiously forwarding emails and posting to facebook) or collapsing into a heap of defeat, who benefits?

The answer is the same for both scenarios.  The first situation takes you out of your body and away from stillness focusing on the problem using fear, anger and outrage and the second causes you to lose hope.

Let me suggest another type of activism, Anarchy.

I chuckle when I write that because I immediately think of the Sex Pistols and trying to overthrow the government.  That is not exactly what I had in mind.

There is a far greater and more powerful form of anarchy, Love.  Specifically, loving yourself so deeply and fiercely that your environment simply has no choice but to reflect that.

Can we shift our focus away from fear and hate?  Can we love  Monsanto so much that they start to love themselves and realize that they simply cannot continue to rape and pillage?

Love as the ultimate anarchy...Who's in?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sacred Melancholy

Ah, sacred melancholy your kiss bites at my heart while stroking me gently.  How can I surrender more deeply to quell your needs, mine?  My longing screams like the spring as I reach out of the darkness, divine womb.  Who will answer when I am alone?  Who will hear?