Saturday, April 30, 2011

I - Magi- Nation

I hear a lot of people proclaim "I'm just not creative."  I nod my head as if I understand this statement but really, I don't.  I assume they mean that they cannot draw or paint or make music, as these are the most common venues associated with creativity. It is the box we place around creation in order to limit and define.  The notion is that you have to be an artist to be creative.  Inside my mind I am thinking, "well, they are alive, how is it that they are not creative?"  Descartes had it right when he said "I think, therefore I am."  In philosophy class, most everyone believed that Descartes meant that his ability to reason gave life meaning and purpose.  I don't necessarily agree with that.  While reason can be helpful it in no way can compete with the powerful force that is imagination.  Thinking as well as imagining are constructs of the mind and really are one in the same.  We have a tendency to downplay the imagination as mere fantasy but in reality it is the most powerful tool of our mind.  In Angelish, John Sacelli redefines imagination to be "I- Magi- Nation".  A mage (magi) is a magician, one who wields the powerful creation force of the universe.  Within our minds, we are the Mage.  We create with every thought.  We are a nation/world of magicians creating life with each and every thought.  There is nothing more creative than that.  Look at what we have created.  This world is a beautiful place filled with beautiful people, each and every one.  Every day we love one another, care for one another and tend lovingly to our planet.  We live in peace and allow others to live in peace.  Every one is fed and has their needs met.  What powerful beings we are to have created that.  Feel the power and love of your creation.  Now allow that to radiate out into the world around you, see the ripples of sweetness as they cascade through the air touching everything in it's wake enveloping it in Love and Light.  Can you hear the trees sigh in blissful content?  The birds singing just for you.  Feel the Earth, our beloved Gaia, shudder in ecstasy as she experiences the beauty of your creation. 

Each of us has within us the spark of divinity.  Some wear it large and luminous and others locked away like a genii in a bottle just waiting for that magickal moment when awareness, want or need breaks the spell and sets it free.  That spark tickles at the corners of your mind, dances in your heart.  Always always singing it's song, sparkling like a thousand stars through the mist.  Whispers like velvet kisses brush through your hair, gently caressing your inner longing.  Come home to me my One.  Here is peace, here is sweetness, here is love. 

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Everyone is Your Mirror

Each of us has a diamond.  It is our life, the life we have chosen to live in this 3D world.  It is a reality of polarities encompassing all realities, all possibilities, all experience.  It is a game where we go to learn about who we are, who we truly are…
When he woke up the day was dark.  Raining again.  Why does it always have to rain when I have an interview.  He thought.  I really need this job, it will be the job that gets me out of this hell hole, the job that sets me on the path to being rich.  I'll finally be able to get ahead and have all the things that I want.  I'll be able to get out of debt and all the phone calls will stop.  I'll be free and happy!  He thought.  But of course, it has to rain.  I'll walk through the rain and look like a drowned rat when I get to my interview and they will see what a mess I am and won't give me a chance.  He sighed as he pulled himself from his bed.  "Why even bother" he muttered already defeated.  This is how it always happens, I never get what I want, he thought as he showered and dressed.  "Well, I at least have to try" he said firmly.  He had after all beat out all the other applicants and now it was down to two.   Not that it will do any good the voice responded from inside his head.  He sighed deeply.  He arrived at the building early,  the other man was there already, be began sizing up his competition.  He'll probably get it he groaned to himself, look at him, perfectly put together, he doesn't even look like he needs this job, his parents probably have money, they probably already bought this job for him and the interview is only a formality.  His aura grew darker and darker with his musings and as he sat his anger grew as well.  Why is it that the people who already have money get the best jobs and they don't even need the job, everything is already stacked in their favor, they get everything and the rest of us get nothing, we are left to struggle and fend for ourselves and are expected to grovel to them gleefully accepting whatever pittance they toss down to us.  His anger fueled his powerlessness.  I hate them, I hate them all . Why is the world like this?  It's not fair.  I work hard, I'm honest, and I can't pay my bills and I live in a hole.  They don't work hard, they steal and lie and cheat and have EVERYTHING.  They are rich, have beautiful houses, cars, clothes, women, they have it all and the rest of us have nothing.  What kind of God would allow this inequality?  This injustice?  This is bullshit.  He seethed in his angst while continuing to wait…glaring at the other candidate that he was certain already had the job.
I hate this he thought to himself.  I hate having to lower myself to this ridiculous game.  Father called the CEO last week, why do I have to sit here and "compete" with this, this person?  How am I supposed to pretend that I am one of them?  He shuddered in disgust.  I don't even know why I have to take this job, it's beneath me.  I have more money than the CEO of this company and I have to go and work for him?  For what?  For experience?  Experience of what, being a lowly minion, a nobody?  One of the herd?  Please.  Well, Father said it was only one year, if I worked here for one year he would release my trust and I can do whatever I want.  Ahhh, whatever I want.  I'm buying that yacht and 5 of the most beautiful women I can find, hell make that 10 and sailing to the Caribbean and never coming back.  Who needs this?  He laughed to himself.  Look at him, I can smell his desperation, his fear.  Pathetic.  I can just hear him…Oh, why can't I ever get what I want, I'm such a victim.   Whine, whine, whine. Oh, I'm so unlucky, nothing ever goes my way.   His sardonic laugh escaped his mouth, all eyes turn toward him.  Whatever, he thought.  I don't care what any of them thinks, tomorrow, I will not only have the job he desperately wants and needs but I will be on my way to having a life that he can only dream of.  Life is GREAT.  Thank God I was born who I am, not like him.  They are the problem in our society, he thought.  They are lazy and weak-minded and muddle around looking for a free ride or for someone to save them from their misfortune.  They come here groveling for a job, like any CEO in his right mind would hire someone like that.  True, in this case the deck is stacked against him…ha ha but really all you need is confidence. You need to know that you are the best for the job and march in there and take it.  It's as simple as that. But they'll never get that, they are too busy wallowing in self pity oh poor me he mimicked coldly.  While staring at his "competition."
As the two men sat facing one another a strange mist descended upon the room. The men did not notice as they were both busy stewing in their anger and hatred of the other.  The room expanded, a diamond came into view.  A huge glowing diamond as big as the Earth.  Within it sat the two men one at each side of the diamond directly opposite the other, each in his own facet.
Suddenly, the men erupted in a blaze of righteous indignation, fingers pointing at the other "you are what makes this world a bad place!!!"  They yelled out at each other.  Their fingers, extended in accusation met a resistance.  It is a mirror, each man looks into the mirror where his finger is touching, the mirror begins to quiver.  Their eyes simultaneously rise from their fingers to the face staring back at them, together they gasp.  "You are the reason there is so much darkness and evil in the world, you are the problem.  I hate you!!"  They yelled.  "If everyone was more like me, the world would be a better place!!"  They yelled again at the same time.  The mirror wavered more.  "Why don't you just go away!"  They each slammed their  hands against the mirror, attempting to push it away, it shook intensely as their hands met, palm to palm.  There was an intense heat between them and the air around them crackled.  The room began to spin like a vortex of energy swirling around them faster and faster.  The two men tried to turn and run away but they could not move.  Connected  palm to palm they stood eyes wide, staring at the other, the one they hated, the one they blamed.   The room spun faster now creating a column of light. Like a funnel coming down from a cloud, it descended between them, drawing them into its spiraling energy.  As they spun, vision began to blur but they held firm  "I am the Light in this world and you are the Darkness."  over and over they yelled their belief as the vortex drew them in.  Spinning furiously now in the vortex in the center of the diamond, they screamed then there was a snap.  They were floating in stillness.  Once again they looked into the eyes of the other, this time they saw SELF.  Tears welled from  the depths of their hearts as they recognized themselves in the other.  Where once they saw Darkness now they saw Light and where once they saw Light, they now saw Darkness. "I was always so afraid that I would become you…"  they whispered.  "I see now that I always have been…"  they each stepped forward toward the other and into the vortex of Light.  "I can feel now how you have struggled" they said.  The vortex began to spin again each man seeing and feeling the other in himself, reweaving the torn matrix between them .  As the vortex slowed once again to stillness, the men, now one hovered atop their diamond, lovingly watching their other selves playing out the polarity game, struggling.  They felt washed with an understanding and compassion they vowed to remember, remember it all.  The diamond suddenly shuddered and they were back in the waiting room sitting across from one another.  Their eyes darted to the other, uncertainty racing through their hearts.  Their eyes met with a deep recognition "Hi, I'm Thomas" he reached out his hand "Hi, I'm Joe."  "Hi, Joseph. I've always wanted to start my own business, not work for someone else, what about you?"  "Yeah" he nodded.  "I've always wanted that, too"  Joe replied  "Come on, this job is beneath us, let's go and get some coffee."
Do we have the courage to look into the mirror?  This is our challenge for without looking we cannot see the wholeness, the beauty in life.  We cannot embody all that we truly are, we cannot see the wisdom that the other holds for us shrouded in the mist of shadow.  What potential have we collectively tucked away. What treasure is waiting to be found?  We hold it all within us, in the NOW.  We have but to look into the mirror, into ourSelves to find it and bring it home.  See the Light in the Dark and the Dark in the Light, they are ONE playing this game of polarities.  Bring them together into your heart.  Remember.
"Ebony and Ivory live together in perfect harmony…"

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Be Light, Be Love, Be

Love yourself free of fear and doubt, know who you are
See the Light cleansing you, allow it to reset your Divine matrix
You are a Divine Being sent here on an important mission.
Enlightenment, ascension, healing, wholeness.
Do not doubt that this is YOU.
Hear the call from deep within your soul's essence
You cannot deny the longing
the deep truth that has tugged at your consciousness for sooo long
Give in, surrender to the Light
Allow the Light to transform you, heal you, lighten you.
Make your every action bathed in Love's Light so that every being that enters your aura has the opportunity for enlightenment and healing simply by being near you.  No words need to be spoken, simply be.  Be Light, Be Love, Be.

Earth Day is Every Day

Every day is Earth Day
Our Mother's call is clear
Every day is Earth Day
To Her, all Life is dear
Feel her winds embrace us
Her sun kisses us with his warmth
Hear her trees call to us
Come home to me Dear one
Giggle with the flowers
Whose Faeries tend so dear
Play with the fireflies and
Sing hearts free of fear
Every day is Earth Day
We are One
Feel it in your heart
Join together in love and light
Home awaits us All
Now is the time to start

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

~Love exists in time but does not belong to time~

Love is always thankful. If love complains, then it is not love. Love basically is gratitude. Complaints arise when there are desires and they are not fulfilled; gratitude arises because all that is needed is already fulfilled. So much is given that more cannot be asked, then there is gratitude. Complaints arise because this has to be there and it not and that has to be there and it is not. The desiring mind complains; the loving mind thanks.

That’s why one very fundamental thing has to be understood: love is not a desire, because desire is complaint, desire is ungratefulness. Love cannot be a desire. it is fulfillment. It has no demands, it does not ask for anything. It only gives, and gives out of thankfulness. Love is a sharing, not a desire. And people who think love is desire go on missing; they will never know what love is. They will know passion but they will never know love. They will know lust but they will never know love.

Love is very unearthly. It is of the sky! Love exist in time but does not belong to time; it comes from eternity. Learn to become more and more grateful for small things. Just for the sheer joy of breathing, feel grateful to God…just for the sheer joy that you can see rainbows and flowers and clouds. What more is needed? Just for the sheer joy that you can love and that you can be loved, be thankful, and out of that thankfulness a person becomes religious. Not by going to a church or by becoming a Christian or a Hindu but by becoming grateful, does a person attain to religiousness.



I love, because my love is not dependent on the object of love. My love is dependent on my state of being. So whether the other person changes, becomes different, friend turns into a foe, does not matter, because my love was never dependent on the other person. My love is my state of being. I simply love.