Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Your Infinite Heart Podcast!

Is here!  My husband and I have started a podcast where we will talk about spirituality and ascension and all kinds of interesting stuff.  Join us!  We plan on posting weekly shows and they will be able to be found in the right sidebar here and at my other blog  You can also subscribe directly via RSS feed at 
Thanks and feel free to post comments here and send in topics that you would like us to discuss!

Love and Light

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Nothing Is What It Seems...

Normally, I would watch this interview and rejoice that a priest was speaking these words, words that I have known to be truth for so long.

But, I cannot rejoice.

I can only speak this simple truth, the truth that was shown to me in a repetitive dream
"nothing is what it seems." 

So the primary thought that comes up for me is "beware of the wolf in sheeps clothing."  This is classic and we are going to be seeing more and more of it in the coming days.

Our government and the religions know that we (collectively) are on to them.  They hear the calls of the people in the streets and on the internet and they know that the jig is up.  More and more we will be hearing of these stories that speak the language of the new age, of spirituality rather than religion and of personal power versus sheep-dom.

But just because they start calling McDonalds McHealthy does not make it so.  It's still Mc-, he's still a priest and if the story came from tv (re-posts on youtube are the same) you need to take a huge reality check.

We all desire change.  We want a world where we feel supported, where all people are housed and fed and have their basic needs met, we want our freedom to do and be ourselves and we want safety.

Looking outside of ourselves for this feeds the beast that we are fighting.

They are counting on the reality that most people do not want to do the work themselves, go inward and heal.  They are counting on us looking for a hand out or up as it may come to be and then we will be in a slightly better looking reality but with no significant or real change.  This is because the only real and significant change comes from within.  It comes from us looking within and remembering our innate sovereignty and creating the world from this sacred place.

No one can do this for us.

The personal inward journey is one we walk alone yet at the same time we all walk it together.  Side by side, supporting one another.  Blessings and Light on your personal journey.

Stay Sovereign.