Monday, October 31, 2011

Radical Heresy

The most radical act any one of us can perform is loving ourselves so fiercely that the seed of our sovereignty as Divine Beings is born.  It is from this place that the new world can be created because only here are we free.  This radical state of Beingness literally destroys all other paradigms because it cannot tolerate that which was created from a place of fear, of powerlessness and forgetting.  This one single act is the act that the PTB are terrified of us performing and it is the act that they will fight until the end.  They do not fight this battle with physical means only, it is a battle for your Being and the energy you hold.  It is a battle fought for your mind for it (the mind) is the only part of you that they can control and manipulate.  Unplug from your mind and drop into your heart and their world cannot affect you.  That is living in the NOW, the TAO. 

Love yourself, you amazing droplet of Divinity.  Without your unique expression the Oneness is not whole.

You are precious.  You are beautiful, yes, just as you are right now.

Look into the mirror and say this.  "Right here in this and every NOW, I am the perfect expression of Divinity.  I need no outer authority to justify my Being.  I am a sovereign glorious expression of God/Goddess and I love every single cell of my body and every spark of my Light."

Now, kiss yourself wherever you can reach, repeatedly.

Do not diminish yourself in anyway, it is offensive and demeaning to God/Goddess (read Self).  Individually, we are greater than all the world's governments.  We created them and gave them their power through our fear.  We regain our dominion through loving ourselves.  By loving ourselves we live, feel and think with our hearts and our fragile and fearful 3D egos are supported and guided by the Divine Will of our Highest Selves and we live lives as the Creators we are.

Never doubt this is you. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Evolution not Revolution

There is no "them" and the world is not "broken."  Until we feel the Unity within US, bringing all of our wounded parts home into our hearts we will feel the polarity of this world, we will feel separate, broken.  There is no "them" only "US." 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Awakening in the Matrix

October 20, 2011

This 3-D reality is a game, a construct created through our minds in order to create a reality for our consciousness to experience itself, individuated but in relation to itself. Part of the game is that we forget that, like in a dream, all of the participants are really us. All of them. We are all at different parts of the game which seem to follow Elizabeth Kubler Ross's stages of grief.

First, we are in Denial. We do not know who we are or why we are here. We accept the construct as reality, the only reality and move through our lives on autopilot, sleeping.

Then we begin to awaken and see glimpses of our reality begin to crumble before us.

We get Angry. We protest, we rage, we seek to destroy, not fully realizing that what we rage against is of our own making. We are just waking up.

Then we toggle. Do we really want to be awake? Life wasn't so bad before perhaps we can fix it?

Bargaining. We appeal to those who govern us, those whom we have given our power and ask them to change it, make it better… We will all work together if you do this for us… We seem to gain some momentum then realize that nothing is changed.

The powers that be still control us, our world is still the same.

Depression. We feel hopeless in the face of this task. They won't give us what we want, we are not big enough to physically take it… We give up. What's the point? There's no hope, the control is too big, too strong, too deep, too powerful.

This is the dark night of the soul.

It is often when we feel the most hopeless that we are one breath away from a breakthrough.

Acceptance. We begin to see Light and with the Light we begin to remember who we are and why we are here. We remember that it is just a game that we created in order to have experience.

We realize (see with real eyes) for the first time we are not power-less but infinitely power-full. 
We are Creators.

We begin to see ourselves in others within the construct and recognize Oneness. We are not here to destroy the construct we are here to grow through it, to evolve past the need for it, ascend beyond it.… Then there is peace within us. We detach from the need to fix and change our external environment because we can clearly see that it is a projection of our internal environment.

"So, all I have to do is shift myself? That's my only responsibility?” 

"Yes Dearest Ones, that is your only task. Remember who you are, remember the love and create from there. We have not chosen this experience to see it as broken, WE are not broken so there is nothing to be fixed. Lift the veil, be willing to see, think with your hearts and be Light.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Occupy YourSELF!

October 5, 2011

Note:  This information really pissed off some of my dear friends…read at your own risk ;-)

Change does not happen to us, it arises from within. Until we can fully own our power as creator beings we will be slaves, locked into a victimhood of our own creation.

I was trying to figure out what about the whole "occupy" protests that irked me so much. I get the anger and the outrage, I do. I see the world through clear and open eyes, probably better than many of the protesters, so I get it. I was angry, too when I first woke up to the reality of this world and the anger came in stages. Many of the protesters still do not know the whole truth so there's more awakening and more anger to come. For this first awakening, I am happy. We must strive to guide them to deepen their awareness so they can transcend the fear and anger that feeds the very system they are trying to change.

Yes, fear and anger.

When you are in full-blown rage it is often impossible to see the root of the anger but it is always fear, there is no rage in love.

So… The protesters are railing against the bankers and the bankers laugh. This fuels the rage amping up the intensity. It makes me sad because all of those newly awakened souls are being duped, used and manipulated. Their actions are fueling the system they are decrying and they don't even know it. This is one of the reasons the bankers laugh.

The protesters are looking for change but from whom, what source? If the slave goes to the master and pitches a fit for freedom and whines about injustice… What is the probable outcome? Does the slave get his freedom? No. Because the slave does not own his freedom in his heart, he does not expect it, he does not feel it in his bones, otherwise his external reality would reflect that.

When we expect our external world to change without changing our internal world we are like a toddler whining for a candy bar in the grocery store.

What would be the benefit to the bankers to give the protesters what they demand?  Do the protesters even know what it is they want or what to put in place once they get what they want?  The bankers laugh. They laugh because they know that anger is energy and that they can use that energy for themselves. Bonus. They also know the basic laws of physics that state that all things are made of energy and that these states of energy can be changed and altered with thought… Hmmm… think about it, what do the bankers have and control that the protesters want? Yes.  Money. So they laugh because they're using their gift of awareness to convert all of the protesters anger into more money for themselves. I'd laugh, too if it weren't so damn sad. If the protesters expended 1/8 of their energy in meditation and self reflection they would see the change they want to see in the world. But that's not even the point, really.

This 3-D reality that we are collectively creating and experiencing on earth is a construct. A powerful, self-learning construct that creates its reality based on the beliefs of the participants. We create our own heaven or hell depending on what we think and what we input into the construct which is the mind. We chose to forget who we really are and we can choose to remember. Those of us who do remember must hold sacred space for all those newly awakened so they can see and hold the bigger picture and transcend their anger. We must also remember that they will do this in their own time and in their own way, we can only hold love and light for them and be there for them if they request guidance.

The only thing a person we can change is ourselves so let's focus there.

What do you expect? Look at your life and be honest when you think of government, banks, authority etc.… What do you expect? What do you expect of the world, of your life?  What do you expect? Our expectations fuel the construct, they tell it what to do, what to create. Everything is energy, everything. Our houses, cars, furniture, appliances… How many of those items do you expect to have in your life? Would you rent an apartment without appliances? Would you buy a car without an engine? Would you buy a house without walls? We expect these things in our lives and so it is. But if everything is energy what about money? Money is no different than appliances, walls in your house or an engine in your car. Money is energy plain and simple and what we expect of it is what we get and create. If we hate money or think it is evil what are we saying about ourselves and God and Goddess? We are all made of Source Energy…so--

Money = Ourselves = God and Goddess.

It's all the same! What are your expectations? What do you feel? We measure what something is worth using money… What are you worth? It's all energy. How are you labeling yourself, what are you telling yourself… What is the construct/mind creating? What are your expectations? We are having a 3-D experience. Our ability to master the game is our challenge. Our ego is like the AV guy running the tape recorder in our minds, he hits playback and it runs the construct trying desperately to keep us alive and in the game. Because we don't remember who we are and are disconnected from our Source Self Energy, the ego feels like he has to step in and run the show, let's assist it.

We are all one being…
Construct = polarity = US vs THEM
US =  sleepwalkers/newly awakened
THEM = powers that be (PTB)
US = victims
THEM = powerful victors
US = no worth
THEM =  all the worth
US =  struggle for little
THEM =  ease for everything, no wanting for money or power
US =  no remembrance of self or power
THEM =  full remembrance of self and power

But, we are all ONE BEING so… Where does this leave us?

Within the construct, with no awareness, there is the polarity paradigm. All of the constructs are in play and running the show. We are slaves/victims to the construct that is 3-D. But what about them? The powers that be, yes they have the power and wealth and the control… But do they have peace? Do they have joy? Do they have love? They live in darkness, they may control us via the construct but they are powerless against love and light because that is their Achilles' heel. That is what they long for, wish for and feel completely trapped against receiving. The intensity of the dark is oppressive. We long for wealth and autonomy and power; they long for love and light. Can we hold both? It is all energy, it is all just code in the construct.

At our Source, we hold it all–in our heart of stillness we are it all. We ALL hold the I AM consciousness.  WE ALL DO.

We are conditioned to fear what we don't have and attach to wanting because it is powerless. They feed off our anger and fear because like attracts to like. They fear our light because they want it. The more light we hold though, the more awareness is present = awakening.

We are ALL asleep just in opposite ways.

The Light can hold the love flavors which are compassion, empathy, kindness… Their construct is insidious they use physical abuse and torture to build and maintain their construct.

It's all energy, everything is energy. We are energy, God and Goddess are energy… To hate or dislike any part of life is akin to hating the self/ hating God and Goddess.

Money equals energy.

What are your beliefs?
What are your expectations?


October 7, 2011

Want to occupy something? Allow your higher self to occupy your mind then you will experience and create true sovereignty, true freedom. All changes arise from within, no one can give you your freedom if you don't feel it within your heart of being. As long as anyone needs governance, there will be control. Our sovereignty eliminates the need for external governing but we must be willing to rise above our comfort zone, our trance of victimhood. We must be willing to walk into the shadows and claim it as our own, we must have the courage to see THEM as US, because they are. Until we can hold both we are trapped in polarity and will create from there.  But do not feel this is a judgment, there's nothing wrong with being in polarity, our world is a beautiful place. It is an exhilarating ride, and unforgettable experience. Be with it, feel it, embrace it, surrender to it all. That is why we are here.

Then when you hear the voice calling you to remember who you are, heed it. Follow it wherever it takes you then you will find that which you have been searching for, longing for, dreaming of. You will find the exact piece that you need to feel whole–finally.

You will find your self.
Beautiful glorious day.

Expect this to happen and it will be what you create. We create what we expect and what we believe. What do you expect and believe? Be willing to look into all mirrors presented to you, own your whole self. It's time to take back our minds.