Monday, October 31, 2011

Radical Heresy

The most radical act any one of us can perform is loving ourselves so fiercely that the seed of our sovereignty as Divine Beings is born.  It is from this place that the new world can be created because only here are we free.  This radical state of Beingness literally destroys all other paradigms because it cannot tolerate that which was created from a place of fear, of powerlessness and forgetting.  This one single act is the act that the PTB are terrified of us performing and it is the act that they will fight until the end.  They do not fight this battle with physical means only, it is a battle for your Being and the energy you hold.  It is a battle fought for your mind for it (the mind) is the only part of you that they can control and manipulate.  Unplug from your mind and drop into your heart and their world cannot affect you.  That is living in the NOW, the TAO. 

Love yourself, you amazing droplet of Divinity.  Without your unique expression the Oneness is not whole.

You are precious.  You are beautiful, yes, just as you are right now.

Look into the mirror and say this.  "Right here in this and every NOW, I am the perfect expression of Divinity.  I need no outer authority to justify my Being.  I am a sovereign glorious expression of God/Goddess and I love every single cell of my body and every spark of my Light."

Now, kiss yourself wherever you can reach, repeatedly.

Do not diminish yourself in anyway, it is offensive and demeaning to God/Goddess (read Self).  Individually, we are greater than all the world's governments.  We created them and gave them their power through our fear.  We regain our dominion through loving ourselves.  By loving ourselves we live, feel and think with our hearts and our fragile and fearful 3D egos are supported and guided by the Divine Will of our Highest Selves and we live lives as the Creators we are.

Never doubt this is you. 

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