Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Website

Greetings to All!
We in the process of creating a new web site where all of our Spiritual endeavors will be showcased in one easy to access and beautiful space!  It is very exciting as Bob and I will be collaborating in this new venture called Your Infinite Heart.  You may have already heard our podcast of the same name.
This new website will host my writings and poetry, Guerrilla Love Fare, Bob's music as well as information regarding both Bob and my healing practices.  One place for everything.  My book will remain at intotheconfluence.org however as it's own private showcase.  Stay tuned for more details!
Here is our latest podcast for you to enjoy!  We talk about entering the flow and what that may mean! Just click on the link in the right sidebar!

We bow to the Divine in You!