Saturday, April 30, 2011

I - Magi- Nation

I hear a lot of people proclaim "I'm just not creative."  I nod my head as if I understand this statement but really, I don't.  I assume they mean that they cannot draw or paint or make music, as these are the most common venues associated with creativity. It is the box we place around creation in order to limit and define.  The notion is that you have to be an artist to be creative.  Inside my mind I am thinking, "well, they are alive, how is it that they are not creative?"  Descartes had it right when he said "I think, therefore I am."  In philosophy class, most everyone believed that Descartes meant that his ability to reason gave life meaning and purpose.  I don't necessarily agree with that.  While reason can be helpful it in no way can compete with the powerful force that is imagination.  Thinking as well as imagining are constructs of the mind and really are one in the same.  We have a tendency to downplay the imagination as mere fantasy but in reality it is the most powerful tool of our mind.  In Angelish, John Sacelli redefines imagination to be "I- Magi- Nation".  A mage (magi) is a magician, one who wields the powerful creation force of the universe.  Within our minds, we are the Mage.  We create with every thought.  We are a nation/world of magicians creating life with each and every thought.  There is nothing more creative than that.  Look at what we have created.  This world is a beautiful place filled with beautiful people, each and every one.  Every day we love one another, care for one another and tend lovingly to our planet.  We live in peace and allow others to live in peace.  Every one is fed and has their needs met.  What powerful beings we are to have created that.  Feel the power and love of your creation.  Now allow that to radiate out into the world around you, see the ripples of sweetness as they cascade through the air touching everything in it's wake enveloping it in Love and Light.  Can you hear the trees sigh in blissful content?  The birds singing just for you.  Feel the Earth, our beloved Gaia, shudder in ecstasy as she experiences the beauty of your creation. 

Each of us has within us the spark of divinity.  Some wear it large and luminous and others locked away like a genii in a bottle just waiting for that magickal moment when awareness, want or need breaks the spell and sets it free.  That spark tickles at the corners of your mind, dances in your heart.  Always always singing it's song, sparkling like a thousand stars through the mist.  Whispers like velvet kisses brush through your hair, gently caressing your inner longing.  Come home to me my One.  Here is peace, here is sweetness, here is love. 

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