Saturday, February 26, 2011

Just say No

We must stop giving away our power to the fear mongers and conspiracy theorists who want nothing more than to harvest your essence.  Giving fearful theories and thoughts your attention gives them your power, make them stronger while weakening you.  With your focus on this negative information, you become frozen in fear, anger and powerlessness, after all, how can anything ever change within that paradigm?  If an all powerful secret hand controls all and is programming and controlling your every thought and action…What's the point?!  The normal human response is first denial then anger then defeat, you just give up, then who wins?  It's not you, my friend, it won't ever be you if you allow the fear to control you.  This information does have it's place, however.  If we all continue sleepwalking believing that our government has our best interests at heart we will not awaken to our full potential as spiritual creative beings.  The state of sleepwalking also robs us of our power.  So, what can we do?  Don't dwell.  Listen, learn, acknowledge then let it go.  None of it matters once you have unplugged from the system.  All that matters is Love.


  1. I'd like to subscribe to this way of being, this state and yet I am compelled to share the evil so that others are not can this work?

  2. Information and education are really important. So many people need to wake up from the illusion that is our present reality. However, too much can cause us to lapse into fear and fortifies the very attitude we are attempting to heal. Th...ere needs to be balance, that is what this 3rd dimensional world is about anyway. But the solution cannot breed more fear and disillusionment. Being a part of the resistance and fighting everything all the time keeps us angry and distracted. For me, what has been shared with me is about love. Loving ourselves so fiercely that the world around us simply has no choice but to reflect that back to us. Is it a quick fix? No. Will it happen overnight? Probably not. Can self reflection and healing and learning to love ourselves be difficult? Yes. All growth is challenging but in the end so worth the struggle. We live in a beautiful world with the potential for such boundless love and connection, to one another and All that Is. If we can make love our default emotion even when dealing with the likes of Monsanto, it will not be them who wins.