Friday, July 8, 2011

The Hologram

June 25, 2011
Gay marriage approved by the New York State Senate…
This feels like it should be a shining moment but somehow… I have to ask, why is it that we must ask the permission of our government as to whom we may marry? Marriage is a sacred divine bond between souls. So why have we given its domain over to the government? I know… Because of insurance issues right? Yet another facet of our lives here in this 3-D game where we give our power away. First we are made to feel powerless in the situation then they wait, wait for our victim selves to clamor to be rescued by our benevolent big brother (the government) and Poof! One more area of our personal sovereignty vanishes by our own hand.
We are not powerless beings, we hold a power both collectively and individually that is so vast it is feared. Feared by the powers that seek to control us yes but also by ourselves, this must be truth otherwise why would we so willingly give up our freedoms, our sovereignty to a government that does not have our interests at heart? (NOTE:  7-8-11:  Notice how I succumbed to my victim state here?  Dropping my frequency into anger and powerlessness and polarity.  It's too easy to fall back into the "Us against them" mentality that is purely illusion, don't worry I pull it around.)  Why would we create this government in the first place? Oh yes! To hold our power for us!! That is it! We have created this hologram so we could project our power onto it and only give us little doses of it when we told it to, when we deemed we were ready. What is the cue the hologram responds to, to know we are ready? The love in your auras and the groundedness of your being. When you are able to ground the love and hold it in your field then and only then will you be able to retrieve bits of your power back. Fear will project it back into the hologram again. 
So, it is a feedback system, I get it.  It responds to us, it's creator.  If we are in a fearful state(anger is included in this, as is worry), it steps in to "help" when we are grounded in love, it allows us our space and power.  But we still create it, in every thought, in every action.  If we were to all be existing in pure love and unity, it would evaporate, turn to mist.  How does that feel in your body to imagine that?  Our government and other agencies evaporating?  Does it frighten you?  Make you feel unprotected and vulnerable?  This is an opportunity to heal that.  You needed feel that emotion.  Restoring your personal and spiritual sovereignty must be our priority.  Remember who you are.  Remember who you are.  Remember who you are.  Remember.

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