Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Divine Complement

In this 3D world the lesson of duality separates and defines, this is our reality.  One is good, the other is bad this = battle.  Righteous battle where there can be righteous killing... this is interesting to me.
We demonize the dark, make it bad attempting to empower the light.  Thus light is good and must be defended.  But what if we didn't demonize the dark?  Instead embrace our dark sides/aspects simply for being what they are, parts of ourselves that need love.  Each side seeks only one thing and it is not the destruction of the other, light and dark seek Oneness with each other.  The light seeks to embrace the dark and the dark seeks light's embrace.  The dark is the light's Divine Complement, its Twin Flame, soul mate.  Seek reunion.
 What would happen if we did not buy into the fear of the dark?  Buy in by feeling as if we need "protection" or "shields"?  If we are all One Being, what/who exactly do you need protection from?
 Something to think about.
 Bright Blessings.

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