Saturday, March 5, 2011

Meet Me on the Bridge

We cannot focus on negative images and thought patterns.  This pulls us down into ego and suffering.  We as a people/world/planet are perched upon the precipice on the bridge of the heart.  Staying with love we remain on the bridge awaiting the moment when the draw lowers and we are allowed to cross into ascension.  Only love will get us there.  When we focus on what is wrong, what we hate in others and the world we step off the bridge and back into ego and the world we have created from there.  A world of sadness, fear and anger.  A world of duality, of right and wrong.  We claim we want peace and love but when given the choice do we love or do we hate?  When face with injustice do we lapse into fear and loathing or can we transcend our ego fears and sees the Divinity in even the most monstrous situation or person and love them regardless?  I'm not suggesting that it is easy, growth never is.  It will be the hardest act we ever accomplish but what's great is that we have universal momentum on our sides.  Spirit is propelling us forward at an ever accelerating pace toward our golden moment where we can see all of creation as ourselves.  Where we can look at one another and see self, where we can look at ourselves and see and feel pure love.

As we race toward ascension (beginning March 9, 2011 we will have 234 days!) it is important to understand the emotions that are born of love. 

The most important, I feel is forgiveness.  We need to forgive ourselves for our perceived faults and weaknesses, our mistakes.  We need to be brutally honest with ourselves in this process as the ego will try to keep us from looking too deeply. 

Gratitude.  Studies by Dr. Emoto have shown that the emotion gratitude changes the molecular structure of water.  Since we are 70% or more water, be grateful and it will transform you and your world. 

Sadness is an important love-born emotion, feel it when it arises and allow it to teach and transform.

The time for -isms is past (racism, sexism, pessimism).  The Illuminati is so passe it's almost laughable.  Step onto the bridge.

There are 2 practices that I have learned from others that I would like to share with you. 

A yahoo groups friend blesses water towers when she passes them.  Remember how love and gratitude transforms water.  We can do this with all waters.

And Little Grandmother say to gather crystals and bless and infuse them with love then place them into wild waters (streams, lakes, rivers).  The crystal will infuse the waters with love, it will evaporate into the clouds then love will rain down onto all of creation.  We need to perform these practices as a loving devotion.

I have also started a "love-chain" on Facebook.  Here is the skinny:  Love and gratitude have the power to alter out bodies on a cellular level. Our words, actions and thoughts have a direct effect on life...the energy of gratitude has been shown to repair damaged DNA. Pick 5 friends and post on their wall why you feel love and gratitude for their presence in your life. Then ask them to post this in their status and pay the love forward to at least 5 more friends! We can heal the world! Blessings.  Make it viral.  Use the same idea with emails, forwarding on the love.  We need to uplift and enlighten. 

Smile more.  Make eye contact with strangers.  Open doors for others.  Re-connect with people.  Give random compliments, notice things.  Recognize and acknowledge.  Practice "namaste" recognizing the Divinity in others. 

Disconnect from major media as much as possible, things are going to get worse in the world and it is imperative that you do not allow yourselves to get sucked down off the bridge.  Check in with the news if you have to once a day and only if you are feeling strongly rooted in love.  When you turn it off, send love and light to all then let it go.  Do not dwell on the negative images, when they come up send them to the burning cauldron of your heart and allow the heart's fires to transform your fears into love then release it like doves into the world.

We need you on the bridge.

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