Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Divine Gift of Eclipse and Solstice

June 15, 2011, 3 AM

So, here we go…

We've been living for the past 2000 years in the age of Pisces. The lesson of the Piscean Age is "Presence." This can mean many things but it can be best summed up this way. The Piscean Age began with Christ and in His life and death we began this lesson of presence. For this is what he showed us; he was present in the darkest moments, the deepest suffering. Beaten, tortured, and nailed to the cross he was present. Did he hate? Did he judge? Does he condemn? No. He loved, he forgave, he was present in each and every moment, for both the Light and the Darkness.  I am both human and God.
For the 2000 years that have followed we have been learning this lesson of presence. Can we live in bodies that make us feel vulnerable? Can we live in a dangerous world? Can we live with extreme sadness and suffering and loss?
These 2000 years have held much darkness and destruction, both in our world and within ourselves (they are, after all, a reflection of each other).

We are now poised to enter the Age of Aquarius (cue the music) the age of love and unity consciousness. We're meeting on the bridge but have we learned enough to cross? Will the draw drop for us as we wait in the stillness…

The stillness asks "can you hold both?" 

Can you hold both your darkness and your light? Can you be present for destruction as well as creation? Can you hold both? We have been swirling around in this polar 3-D world, dancing between light and dark, good and bad… Always pulling and swirling around like a hurricane, the two opposites dancing yet rarely meeting. Within the hurricane lies the eye of the storm. Within the eye there is stillness, peace and calm. In stillness lies all potential; creation. In stillness, the two poles can come together, meet… Unite. Can you hold both? Can you apply this idea to your life? We all have aspects of ourselves that we love and those that we hold in shadow (the two dancers). What can they learn from one another? How would each benefit from merging with the other?

With the series of eclipses and the Summer Solstice sandwiched in between we are being asked to step into the stillness and hold both.

Eclipses represent a moment of timelessness where we (the earth) block the sun's rays(illumination/Light) from reaching the moon which represents our unconscious(dark/shadow). This creates a moment where we are completely alone with our shadow. All the light is gone; the sun is blocked, for 100 min. we are in eclipse. Can we be present with all of our parts that we have held in shadow? The fear, the suffering, the rage, the destruction.

 This eclipse on June 15 will line up with Galactic Center and will enter totality (fullest eclipse) at 20:12 universal time. Galactic Center is a black hole in the center of our galaxy, it is said to be the sun of our sun. It emits massive levels of infrared energy. This has the potential to open up our subconscious mind asking us to release old patterns and traumas. It also clears our root chakra, releasing the old ways of being, allowing us to regenerate and begin anew. Galactic center has also been called the cradle of Divinity or center of creation where the universe was born, you may think of that as God/ess.

What this means is that we have a series of incredible opportunities here to open, clear and receive. To reconnect and remember who we are and why we are here.  The eclipses offer us the timelessness to still, then the alignment with Galactic center/God/ess is able to ground through us (the rainbow bridge) into Earth, clearing us, connecting us, healing both the earth and us.

Solstices are also profound opportunities to enter the void of stillness where all potential is born. To step into the stillness and realign, to be fully present with all of our parts, to merge our shadow with our light and say:

"Yes.  This is who I am.  I love myself, I forgive myself; I am human and I am God."

To be fully present, holding both. It is then the draw will drop and allow us to cross into unity, the Oneness.

The summer solstice is the time for letting go so that something new can grow. Again, another opportunity to release old habits and patterns and ways of thinking that no longer serve us or the world. The elemental of the Summer Solstice is fire, we let go into the fire to allow the phoenix to rise. We step into the flames and whenever is left, is us.

Can we be fully present with those aspects of ourselves that were discovered during the eclipse(s) and walk with them into the heart of stillness offered by the Summer Solstice, bringing them to the Light, stepping into the void holding them both and allowing them to merge and become one?

This is how we walk into unity.  This is Ascension. This is our moment to embody Christ Consciousness, to look into our darkness, bring it into the Light and love it, all of it.

 I am human, I am God, I hold both.

The Piscean age began with Christ modeling for us the lesson. Now, 2000 years later we have the opportunity to "take the test" to step into the void and be fully present with the totality of ourSelves.

We are the Oneness.  We are Love.  We are God.  

The Healing Vortex

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