Sunday, September 9, 2012

Introducing! Earth Deva Oracle

In the Spring of this year, I started a conversation with Spirit that lead me in a direction I did not anticipate.  It began with my 10 day fast where I consumed primarily raw juices which included the beautiful gifts of the earth…weeds!  Yes, I juiced my weeds:  Chickweed, cleavers, dandelion, wood sorrel, plantain, stinging nettles, comfrey, violet leaves and blossoms.  The Spring is such a miraculous time for healing and cleansing! 

In this process, I came to connect with the Earth and her plants in a deeper more meaningful way.  I began a conversation that did not cease when I returned to the world of eating.  We have become an integral part of one another now, their healing gift, mine.  They communicated with me their desire to connect with all Beings in this way.  To aid in healing, give guidance, shine a light.  Their wisdom is vast and deep and filled to overflowing with the nurturing love of the Mother, our Earth. 

We talked daily on my morning walks and whenever I stilled to check in.  They showed me the way. 
 A set of oracle cards was born of this conversation, a conversation that set me on yet another path into the unknown, directly onto the superhighway that led out of my comfort zone. 

The following months were filled with an even deeper cleansing.  What began with the physical delved into the emotional and spiritual and I was plunged into process over my creativity.  You can envision this as an archeological excavation, as my inner artist was very well entombed in the belief that she did not in fact exist.  Sure, I can write and I create beautiful food and products and can be rather crafty but in my "mind" I was not an artist.  I could not draw.  I did not know how to paint or use pastels…I was not a visual artist.  So how was I supposed to create a set of oracle cards?  My mind raced with all the possibilities…I can get someone else to draw them, I can just make them points of light and color after all, the Devas are non-physical beings…true enough but my heart longed to be able to draw what I saw in my head even if it was just my mind's interpretation of light.

 They showed themselves to me, placed an image in my aura that became what I saw.  I wanted to be able to draw THAT. 

My mind said no, you can't do that.  Cleansing.  I vowed to cleanse every limiting belief from my life.  There is no "I can't."  So I sat down with a pencil and sketch pad one day and gave it a go.  My mind was not pleased.  I roiled internally at what my hand had created…I really can't do this!  Sadness.  Then I heard the voice, their voice.  It whispered "Come to me, sit with me."  It took me days to respond as I wrestled with the demons in my head:  Fear, doubt, frustration, judgement… I heard my father's voice telling me that it was OK, that I was a great writer, focus on that.  I watched as my sister drew without effort the most perfect things.  I felt my teacher's rudimentary praise looking at my creations in school while feeling and hearing the genuine praise heaped upon those who really had "talent." 

Nothing squelches joy and creativity more than comparison.  

I felt all of the layers of doubt that I had allowed to be heaped upon my inner artist.  Breathe.  I took my pad and pencil and walked out to my circle where I sat in meditation.  After a while, I picked up my pad and pencil and began to sketch.  This time not from my mind but from my heart.  I allowed the image to flow through me onto the paper, I relinquished control.  It is the same as when I was writing my book.  I did not think about what I was writing, I simply allowed it to flow through me.  Well, the result of this letting go was a pencil sketch of a merman. 

I laughed as I looked at him, not because it was bad but because it wasn't.

  What I saw on the paper was pleasing to my eye and my mind.  Was it perfect?  Could it go in a museum?  Would other "trained and talented" artists think it was good?  All of these thoughts swirled through my mind, still do which is why I had to type them…I did not care anymore.  It pleased me.  Tears flowed as I allowed the sensation to fill me.  I tried again, this time, a mask.  Interesting. 

You would think that I would have immediately started with the plants and their Devas but I did not.  It took me probably another 1 to 2 weeks to begin.  In that time, I continued to process and heal my inner artist.  Anyone who has gone through a cleansing/reawakening like this will concur that it really takes a lot out of you.  I was energized and excited but exhausted at the same time.  Wave after wave  of sadness and fear and doubt bubbled up from my core sending ripples and shudders through my body, my aura.  I surrendered to it, allowing it to flow unfettered and without judgement through me and into the Earth.  Let it go, let it go, let   it   go!  

With love and gratitude, I did.  

When I finally decided to begin, I sat with Dovesfoot Cranesbill.  I meditated with her, allowed her essence to flood mine.  What resulted made me weep.  I can do this, I actually can!  Of course it helps tremendously to have your own cheering section…every Deva I drew, Sofia crooned "Oh!  She's beautiful!"  with such exuberance one would think she was witnessing the light of creation riding on the back of a golden unicorn.  And Bob's support is and has been so foundational.  He is my rock.  My greatest ally.  He encircles all of my creations with so much love, it overwhelms my ego mind into submission.  Blessings.   And so it continued, each morning I sat with 2 more plants and allowed them to communicate their message for the world, for me.   Along with the illustrations I made a flower essence with their flowers.  Another way for them to share their healing gifts.  I saw myself sitting with people, reading 4 cards and then making them a potion with the combined essences of the 4 Devas they chose.  This essence could be consumed or simply worn in a pouch within their auric field.  I was excited.  The deck consists of 28 cards right now.  I missed many of the early spring plants, they will get illustrated next year.  As plants come into my life, so, too will they enter the deck.  Trees, minerals/crystals have also been calling, wanting their voices to be heard and shared.  My process continues now with finishing the cards.  They are all pencil drawings and I long to give them color…bring them more to life.  Another wall for me to grapple.  It will come to pass, I am certain of it.  I have been avoiding it for weeks now, so I know that it is close at hand.

As for the Deva's, they are ready.  They honor my process and continue to guide and support me in my growth and ascension but they are ready to be heard.

 So, here it is.  Earth Deva Oracle readings.  Sessions available in person or via Skype.  Contact me to set up a time.

Many blessings on your path.

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  1. What a beautiful journey your inner artist has had... <3Laura